Intermediate Computer Vision Engineer

Vancouver, BC /
B. Koh Young Research Canada – Machine Vision /
You will be part of the core team of computer vision engineers in our new R&D center in Vancouver, Canada. We will be developing new product lines, including quality inspection systems in many different industries, medical equipment, as well as other exciting applications which use 3D imaging technologies and Machine Learning.
As a computer vision engineer, you will be using cutting-edge vision and AI algorithms to integrate into robotics systems designed by worldwide teams of software, mechatronics, electronics, physics and optics engineers. (interdisciplinary and collaboration)


    • Research and develop scalable and cutting-edge computer vision for 3D reconstruction, 2D/3D imaging technologies, camera calibration, object detection, image processing, denoising, segmentation and metrology.
    • Research, develop and employ machine learning algorithms for solving difficult and exciting challenges.
    • Engineer solutions for quality inspection equipment, medical equipment, and more.
    • Design, implement, and deploy full-stack machine vision/image-based and machine learning solutions, using C++ and Python.
    • Participate in weekly “Group Genius” activities, where all members take the lead and create ideas, with the mindset that innovation can happen by anyone and anywhere.

Skills and Experiences

    • Education: Master's degree in Computer Science or Electrical/Computer Engineering or relevant experience (PhD preferred)
    • * 2 years industry experience in Computer Vision related field

      ** Have at least one of the followings:
    • Computer Vision algorithms and applications, such as 3D reconstruction(structured light, multi-view geometry, etc), object detection, recognition, image processing, and their optimizations for efficient implementation.
    • Machine Learning, such as CNN/deep learning, shallow learning and their optimizations for efficient implementation on embedded systems
    • Algorithm optimization for efficient processing, exploiting parallelism, and GPU
    • Experienced in use of Machine learning and computer vision frameworks and libraries such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe, Torch, OpenCV, etc (>2years)
    • C++ programming skills, preferably in an embedded environment with GPU and familiar with UML (>2years)


    • Very competitive salary
    • Help plan retirement with RRSP Matching
    • Keep your family healthy with Extended Healthcare, Dental, Vision plan
    • Stay on the cutting edge of technology with Education and Professional development
    • Comfortable and fun work environment with snacks and drinks
Koh Young Technology

Koh Young Technology Inc., a leading 3D measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions provider, performs an essential role for quality control and process optimization in the production fields of diversified industries including smart devices, automotive electronics, telecommunications, military, health care industry, and semiconductors. In addition to our headquarters in Seoul, Korea, we maintain offices in Europe (Germany), United States, Japan, Singapore and China, allowing us to have close communication with our customers and have global network of sales and services.
The company invests very heavily in R&D (60% of the workforce, >10% of sales) and treasures talented team members. Koh Young has a dynamic innovative culture and strives to be at the top of the industry.

Koh Young Research Canada

Established in 2019 in Vancouver, BC, Koh Young Research Canada is where top-class engineers and experts work on solving current complex problems as well as pioneer future products in various industries (automated quality inspection and medical equipment) utilizing state of the art 2D/3D computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence. Koh Young Research Canada plays an integral part in the global multidisciplinary R&D team, ranging from development of core fundamental technologies to applications.