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Permanent full-time

Mono Solutions is looking for a talented full-stack developer to join our team in Copenhagen. You will become a part of a rapidly growing team supporting hundreds of thousands of websites across 30+ markets.

What Mono Solutions does
Mono Solutions provide a SaaS platform, sold through partners, where small businesses can manage their web presence from a single easy to use application. You can learn more about Mono Solutions here.

About the tech stack
What we are looking for is a senior full-stack developer with particular expertise on the frontend. Your day to day tasks will be about 70% front-end and 30% back-end focused.

Front-end technology is predominantly Vue.js, TypeScript with some native JavaScript, on the back-end we use PHP and Node.js, and the databases are MySQL and MongoDB. We are currently in the process of migrating our existing codebase and infrastructure to AWS.

We are looking for at least 5 years of front-end experience with Vue.js, alternatively, React or AngularJS. Along with JavaScript and .js based frameworks, you are an expert in TypeScript and Node.js.

There is some legacy code - the company is 14 years old after all :-). The legacy products are built on PHP/Symfony and Backbone.js. It is not expected that you will have much interaction with the legacy systems, but you need to be able to read PHP in order to be able to communicate with the rest of the team.

Most important regarding the tech stack is your solid experience with Vue.js, TypeScript and Node.js. However, if you have experience with AWS (EC2, API Gateway, SQS, DynamoDB, Lambdas, CloudFormation and CloudWatch) and the other technologies it is an advantage.

About the job and you
Over time the job will, of course, contain many development tasks, but in the outset the primary tasks will primarily be building new front-ends for existing APIs, as well as supporting the existing Vue.js based editor framework.

When you step into the role as full-stack developer, you will become part of a great team, in which learning and experimenting is part of the job. The team strives to be learning and working with innovative technologies and architecture.

As a developer at Mono Solutions, you will be working cross-functional. It is crucial for us that we as a department help each other and build the best possible foundation for learning and evolving talent. You will be part of creating one of the best development departments in the world, and you will be empowered to keep management and your colleagues accountable for this vision.

What you can expect

    • An exciting and international work environment
    • Great colleagues from around 20 different nationalities
    • An attractive salary matching your skills and expertise
    • Great catered lunch every day
    • Team building events, social activities and monthly
    • Friday bars
    • Dedicated personal budgets for conferences and continued learning
    • Freedom to work with new technologies and exciting issues
    • Flexible on remote working

Your expected hard skills

    • At least 5 years experience in front-end development using at least one JavaScript framework
    • Knowledge of Vue.js is preferred. AngularJS/React can be cross-trained to Vue.js
    • Expert skills with TypeScript and Node.js
    • An understanding of cloud infrastructure would be great (Amazon Web Services). We currently use EC2, API Gateway, SQS, DynamoDB, Lambdas, Cloudformation and Cloud-watch
    • Some experience as a back-end developer
    • An ability to read PHP code is essential to be able to communicate with the rest of the team

Your expected soft skills

    • You will be required to challenge other seniors on the team with discussions and suggestions on better ways of doing things
    • You believe in and excel in pair and mob programming environments
    • You are able to communicate with other areas of the business, particularly product and design with suggestions and feedback
Ready to apply or want to know more?
Kold+Partners is handling the recruiting process. Our process is fast, transparent and tailored to your needs. We are conscious of your time and the fact that you are busy in your daily life. If you have any questions regarding the job or Mono Solutions, feel free to contact Valdemar Jørgensen on +45 4222 7268 or Peter Kold on +45 2989 0903 for further information.