Oil & Gas Assistant Analyst

Product – Market Analyst
What is the job ?

The assistant analyst will support the oil & gas team on day to day tasks but also on some work for the fundamentals team in the sector. This role primarily involves the following:

•    Answering daily requests from the team on news in the sector and clients’ interests;
•    Creating a framework to understand economics and geopolitical risks concerning oil and gas supply;
•    Analysing and creating reports on local, regional, and international oil, gas and NGL supply and demand, past, present and future;
•    Working closely with other members of the fundamentals team to create a cohesive supply and demand model;•    Providing ad hoc financial evaluations, reports, projections, and analysis related to supply and demand fundamentals;
•    Keeping abreast of new trends, research, and best practices in supply fundamentals.

It could be the perfect fit if..

    • you have experience  and/or strong interest in the financial market (sell-side analysis or fund manager);
    • you are available for a 6-month internship;
    • you have knowledge of supply and demand economics; experience in consulting for and/or working with oil and gas exploration and production businesses;
    • you have knowledge and you like to track global economics and geopolitics trends;
    • you possess strong oral and written communication skills, including through visual representation of data.