Software Engineer, Frontend - UI/UX

San Francisco
Remote Full-time

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Front End Questions

  • Why Kraken? Why are you interested in working on Kraken? Why are you interested in working on the Kraken front end?
  • What experience do you have with Blockchain or Crypto?
  • What sort of problems do you see the underlying technologies of crypto solving?
  • Do you have a Kraken account? Do you have an account with any of our competitors?
  • If you could make a change to the front end what would it be? What do you think is the largest problem with the UI/UX?
  • Could you describe the React component lifecycle? When in the lifecycle would you bind to events?
  • When do you prefer to use the ref attribute?
  • How do you decide between using a functional vs a class component?
  • What is the difference between a pure component and a regular component?
  • What sort of patterns do you employ when developing forms in React?
  • How do you structure your CSS to ensure it is reusable throughout the application? What sort of tools or patterns do you use to make this simpler?

Tell us more ...

  • What emerging web technology are you most excited about?
  • Can you show us something cool you have built using React?
  • What is your interest in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies?

How did you hear about this opportunity?


  • Given this a remote role, in which country would your work be performed?

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