System Analyst

Kyiv, Ukraine
KYIVSTAR Київстар – Big Data Products and Services Implementation Department
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We are looking for a System Analyst to join our Team. As a System Analyst, you are working in the end-to end big date product development team. You need to analyze the requirements, understand which data sources are suited, describe the requirements for the developer in detail and test the result after development.
We offer: 
• A unique experience of working for the largest and most beloved mobile operator in Ukraine; 
• Real opportunity to ship digital products to millions of customers; 
• A competitive salary; 
• Annual bonus; 
• Paid sick leave and vacation; 
• Financial aid in different life situations;  
• Possibility to work remotely at regular intervals;
• Flexible working hours; 
• Medical and life insurance; 
• Great possibilities for professional development and career growth; 
• Friendly & Collaborative Environment. 

Required skills: 
•  Oracle Database Experience and SQL Knowledge
• Experience in participating in BI implementation projects, data warehouses, reporting at banks and experience with banking or telecom systems as a business analyst
• Understanding the concept (architecture) of DWH class systems.
• Knowledge of standards for building IT services.
• Good understanding: client-server architecture, microservice architecture, REST API, Oracle DB, as well as, preferably, KAFK. REDIS.
• Experience in integration projects using SOAP, REST API.
• Jira, Excel, Confluence, UML-diagram 

Will be a plus:
• Experience in telco
• Experience in Big Data technologies  

• Collection of business requirements (interaction with the stockholders, formation and discussion of proposals for implementation).
• Data analysis and development of requirements for building aggregates.
• Participation in the design of the solution together with technical experts.
• Analysis of business requirements, development of project documentation: Business requirements, Functional requirements, regulations of business processes, etc., harmonization with customer units.
• Tasking to developers on technical implementation of tasks in the System.
• Consultation of the project team on requirements related issues.
• Functional testing and transfer to the customer.
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