Member of the Investment Team

The Stable Fund
What would it take for the world to adopt a new currency? That is the question we ask every day at The Stable Fund. The breakthrough technology behind the Dai Stablecoin has made this feasible for the first time by solving volatility in crypto assets. Now, it’s up to The Stable Fund to allocate capital to the right entrepreneurs that will bring Dai to a global userbase.

As part of the investment team, you will play a critical role helping the Dai Stablecoin reach mass adoption. You will dive deep into the crypto industry to identify promising candidate projects who use Dai and MakerDAO infrastructure. Working closely with the L4 team, you will manage dealflow and use our combined networks to help entrepreneurs build multi-billion dollar businesses.

After 1 month in this position:

    • You are deeply involved in developer communities (both crypto-specific and non-crypto), regularly being regarded as an insightful person at events
    • You have built strong relationships with recipients of our grants and investments
    • You work closely with recipients, actively helping them solve technical and non-technical problems
    • You use existing relationships in crypto, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and top engineering schools to support portfolio projects

The ideal applicant:

    • Has previously founded a technology startup
    • Is a versatile thinker, able to deeply analyze a broad range of companies – from wallets to financial instruments
    • Is motivated to hustle on behalf of our portfolio companies
    • Has deep networks in relevant communities and industries
    • Takes the long term view. Our ambitious vision won’t be achieved overnight

Other details

    • Full time
    • Competitive salary
    • Benefits
    • Work in Toronto or remotely, but able to travel when needed