Product Designer

San Francisco
About Labelbox
Labelbox’s mission is to empower teams to create great machine learning applications. We believe that in the near future every organization will be using machine learning to solve entirely new problems for their customers. Just like how we’ve seen software become an indispensable tool for almost every company on the planet, we believe the same will happen with machine learning.

Today, creating machine learning applications is fraught with issues, it’s an unwieldy operation of stitching together data from different sources, requiring deep specialized knowledge. Labelbox’s goal is to provide teams and companies with the best tools and practices so they instead can focus on how to innovate on their hardest problems.

Labelbox is the best way for teams to create the training data required for machine learning applications to work. We believe that the largest barrier to actual useful machine learning is the collection, manipulation and annotation of training data. Rather than requiring companies to create their own expensive and incomplete homegrown tools, we've created a training data platform that acts as a central hub for humans to interface with AI. When humans have better ways to input and manage data, machines have better ways to learn.

Great design is key to bringing machine learning from the lab into the real world. That might seem counter-intuitive at first (“Isn’t machine learning all about neural nets, maths and data?”), but it’s what we deeply believe at Labelbox.

You’ll design products and features for engineers and scientists working at the cutting edge of machine learning. You’ll see what machine intelligence looks like in the real world and the ways it’s developing. You’ll be expected to solve entirely new design problems in one of the fastest moving fields in software today.

Labelbox is a collaboration product—it’s not only a tool for engineers. Our customers have multi-disciplinary teams and the product needs to be easy to understand for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. It will be your job to understand all user archetypes and design elegant and easy to understand products for everyone.

You’ll be working closely with our head of design, engineering team and founders. We’re a small nimble team so you will be expected to be highly autonomous and drive your projects from idea to shipping. You will be expected to take on design projects with broad scope—research, usability testing, interaction/visual design and brand. With that broad responsibility of design you’ll have a large opportunity to define the design practice and culture of the team.


    • Product definition. Researching customer needs to get to the core of the user problem. You have to understand what makes a product work or not.
    • Design execution. Using prototyping, interaction and visual design to go from idea to shipped code. You will co-own implementation with the engineering team, making sure it’s tight.
    • Brand development. Help develop our brand values and shape how they are expressed in the product and marketing touch points.
    • Team culture. Labelbox is an early stage startup, meaning that many things are not solved or haven’t been set in stone yet. You’ll be expected to contribute to our design and team culture and help build a world-class company.


    • 5 years experience
    • Experience working in cross-functional product teams—have successfully shipped software in collaborative teams with engineers, designers and product managers
    • Highly developed sense of aesthetics
    • Enough-to-be-dangerous technical chops. You are skilled with the web tech stack and can implement prototypes in code.
    • Experience with user research
    • Portfolio of your work