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Labforward is a cutting-edge laboratory technology company developing groundbreaking Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for scientists and other laboratory users.

Headquartered in Berlin, Labforward comprises of an ever-expanding team of talented individuals with extensive experience and a drive to make laboratories smart by connecting data, devices and teams.

We have three core products: Laboperator - an IoT solution that can be used to automate and monitor existing laboratory devices from a central platform, Labfolder - an electronic laboratory notebook that facilitates research documentation, allowing scientists to record all their data digitally on a connected platform, and Labregister - a comprehensive laboratory inventory management system that facilitates oversight & management of a laboratory’s entire inventory. 

Our aim is to provide our users with the solutions they need to effectively manage their data, devices and workflows, enabling them to spend more time on their exciting benchwork, and less on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. We want to provide a connected ecosystem where ALL equipment, irrespective of vendor, can be linked with our central platforms. As our team continues to grow, so do the possibilities, and we’ll keep evolving to provide the best solutions to assist scientists in their quest for groundbreaking discoveries.

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About the team

We brought together a diverse team of passionate scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs committed to simplifying the life of laboratory teams and helping them in their quest to bring innovations and discoveries to the world.

Diversity makes us stronger. However different you may be, come as you are, be part of the team and help us become better. Our diversity and inclusion policy is based on respect and communication. We value each team member for their strengths and weaknesses and cherish complementarity. A healthy work-life balance is encouraged and supported. Our office in Berlin is equipped with an elevator to ensure accessibility for everyone. 

Why work at Labforward?

Our products matter - the solutions we develop  assist scientists and workers in the laboratory, streamlining their research planning, execution and documentation, thereby clearing the path for groundbreaking discoveries. 

Our employees matter -  Labforward fosters an environment of learning, allowing you to grow into your role and shape it how you see fit. With flexible hours and remote working policies, a yearly budget for personal development etc. we aim to provide the best possible working environment for our employees to thrive. 

Our culture matters - we are a small-but-growing international company: our team is supportive, agile and inclusive. To strengthen the team dynamic, we frequently run staff social events and bonding exercises.

Our mission matters - working at Labforward means that you will be contributing to exciting and innovative projects that are changing the laboratory environment for the better.