Technical Pre Sales Engineer

Commercial – Pre Sales Engineers
Full time
As a Pre-Sales Engineer you will be supporting sales productivity and deal flow by securing the “technical close” in complex solutions. You will collaborate with sales, service, engineering, and technical support resources to ensure proposed deals include technical solutions that accurately address customer needs, and are appropriately supported by key customer technical decision-makers.


    • Train the sales team to generate a solid understanding of the technical characteristics in a solution. 
    • Support the sales team in identifying technology opportunities that enable the creation of differentiated offers in the market. 
    • Become a technical facilitator between the sales team and the clients.
    • Enable the sales team in creating a technical proposal for the offers, defining the delivery/operational models and including adoption services and activities.
    • Participation in pre-sales activities, presenting technical solutions that respond to clients’ needs, creating Proof of Concepts (POC) to validate them. 
    • Consult with prospective customers to identify business and technical requirements; objectives and priorities relevant to our software solutions.
    • Communicate, present and explain credibly and effectively to both the client and the team, the pros and cons of applying the solutions presented. 
    • Ease the adoption of new technological stacks to different company projects, making sure clients are convinced about the benefits that adoption would imply. 
    • Help both sales and technical teams to provide estimates for future work.
    • Support the definition of the technologies and architecture to use, adapting to changes through the creation of the product, ensuring from the technical side that the product goals will be reached within time and budget.
    • Identify potential technical risks, issues and opportunities. Work with the team and the Tech Office to mitigate or exploit them.
    • Work with the development team, giving support to ensure the timely and successful delivery of the technical requirements and solutions, according to customer needs.