Digital Marketing Specialist

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/ On-site
CAC, CPA, CPL, conversion rates, customer journey, analytics… if you thrive on these buzzwords and see the world through the lens of digital marketing, then we’ve got you in our sights!

For most people, they only see the surface - stories, video, and ads on websites, email, and social media newsfeed. You, however, have a knack to dive deeper to understand the significance of every little detail of these contents…and applying these knowledges to your advantage.

Managing digital marketing campaigns and assets is not easy work, but you are a different breed - you eat digital marketing for breakfast! If you’re hungry for more, then we have a lot more on the plate for you.

Lalamove is on the lookout for a talented and driven Digital Marketing Specialist. We are an internet-based company, so it makes perfect sense for us to make our marketing voices heard through digital channels.

As an on-demand logistics company, our success is directly proportional to the daily numbers of active clients and drivers. That’s where you come in – to reach out to more potential clients and drivers by digital means in the most cost-efficient way! 

How to score goals in this role?

    • Increase relevant traffic to the website and mobile app installation page
    • Improve leads, app installations, and in-app purchases conversion rates
    • Reduce CAC and CPL
    • Increase transaction value and number of orders


    • Execution of digital marketing strategies for SEM & Display campaigns 
    • Monitoring and daily adjustments of paid advertising campaigns for Google, Facebook and programmatic display ads to maintain target KPI’s.
    • Perform keyword research for SEO and SEM.
    • Provide on-page technical SEO analysis and enhancements.
    • Execute content marketing strategy based on user journey.
    • Monitor and perform optimization for campaigns to improve conversion rates for lead generation, app installations and in-app purchases events.
    • Assist in the analysis of customer persona study.
    • Identify potential content, keyword trends, and opportunities that we can take advantage off.
    • Work with the marketing team to create content and ad creatives.


    • A minimum of 4- 5 years experience in digital marketing for e-commerce or tech industry
    • Knowledge in digital marketing funnels and application of advanced setup functionality with paid ads for SEM and Display
    • A strong understanding of ad formats in Google & Facebook and other digital platforms
    • Experience in setting up remarketing/retargeting ads
    • Experience in conducting SEO optimization, keyword analysis, conversion optimization, and content marketing.
    • Experience in running A/B testing.
    • Experience in collecting and analysing data.
    • The ability to source information and learn on the fly.
    • An analytical and critical thinking mindset.
    • Independence, drive, and ability to work in a team.
    • Familiarity with Google Sheet, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ad Manager, and other digital marketing tools.
    • Good command of English & Malay
    • An ability to multitask and perform under tight deadlines. 
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