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About the Challenge
Do you have a strong in learning-development principles and tools and translating job activities and requirements into effective learning solutions? Do you have strong coaching skills, and familiar with training as a professional service? Are you passionate about skilling yourself up to the level of being a subject-matter expert in relevant areas where you are not already one? If yes, roll up your sleeves because we have an interesting position for you!

As our Learning and Growth Specialist, you are responsible to ensure every employee in the segment has access to the resources they need to become their best personal and professional selves. You will leverage tools, technology, and innovative learning formats to scale learning and support employees at different stages of their careers — from new hire learning, to manager training and higher leadership development programs, and more. We adopt adult learning theory when learning should be a process, relevant in real life, and should be scalable. We infuse these beliefs throughout the wide array of learning and development opportunities. As a Learning and Development team member, you'll always be thinking about new ways to help others grow, and you share a passion for empowering employees to unlock their full potential.

You will work closely with leaders and Learning and Growth (L&D) team to design learning content and curricula for different focused teams. You’ll guide and mentor other HR, leaders, or senior players whom you’ll collaborate to shape culture and build training materials from the designs you originate.

About Lamudi
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What a day at work for you will look like:

    • You will need to understand job activities and required knowledge, skills, and behavior to perform at the jobs
    • You will need to recognizes the key capability gaps in skills, knowledge and competence identified as necessary in order to achieve organizational goals by conducting learning needs analysis to ensure that learning addresses areas where learning and development is needed for the individual, the department and the organization
    • You will need to set out how key capability gaps will be resolved both at organizational and individual level – tailored to organizational objectives, and is delivered in an effective and cost-efficient manner
    • You will need to facilitate learning and development program – Be accountable for the user learning journey experience, determining the best approach for the user segment and be responsible for end-to-end facilitation of the learning materials and asset
    • You will need to manage communications strategy to user segment
    • You will need to build positive development experience, manage employees from the user segment, and maintain relationships and gain feedbacks to improve their learning experience
    • You will need to support Learning and Growth in various aspects of the internal development process including growth tracking, assessment, etc.
    • Assist talent management (in development and growth) strategic plans, prepares the organization capabilities (including growth and succession plan) to anticipate the growth of the company through talent management: establish systematic program, identify covered positions, develop talent needs, profile and match employees, identify gaps/potentials, set development goals, implement development program, measure progress and make adjustments.
    • Maintain and ensure the implementation of the Career and Competency Framework by analyzing the effectiveness of Job Descriptions of all employees throughout the organization to get it aligned with all the analysis provided by the leader of the department
    • Assist implementation and improvement of evaluation system (appraisal, 360, etc) and succession programs to measure the effectiveness of a program and propose corrective actions in accordance with procedures and expected outcomes
    • Improve year-over-year performance by building coordination with other Human Resource functions to analyze Performance management using the performance and 360 assessment data to drive employee effectiveness and efficiency through integrated Talent Pool Management System (Talent Mapping).
    • Recommend development program to be used by either Learning and Growth (L&D) team or Managers of other divisions based on the analysis conducted from Performance Management and assessment result
    • Identify mentoring and coaching opportunities for key talent segments to strengthen the development program
    • Provide coaching, support and consultation to management and staff on employee issues and concerns, and support towards problem-solving
    • Assess talent needs across assigned unit/department(s), understand the specific nuances and culture of each unit/department(s), and, in collaboration with the leaders and Head of Development to drive outcomes that change the development trajectory of the company.
    • Leverage knowledge of HR, startup culture, tech industry to set and execute talent strategy and influence senior leadership, often also by providing insightful data to guide decision making and provide proactive solutions.
    • Create and lead/assist any talent development program focused on identifying and forming a strong perspective on company’s values, performance and growth culture, develop them to build a non-toxic, strong, and cohesive environment
    • Solve problems and get to the root cause of any value and culture-related issue, no matter how complex, and design and quickly implement solutions for culture and growth that cut across multiple disciplines, even those beyond training solutions

Is this you?

    • A people analytic: A sixth sense for why one person is performing and the other not yet. Should be able to quickly and often correctly assess what would it take to get someone to the next level
    • A true teacher: Someone who loves standing in front of a big group of people every single day, and get that group excited, moving and learning through interactive teaching and valuable attention
    • Mature, ambitious and self-driven: Leads by example, brings the fire to work every single day, and able to face problems
    • Critical and resourceful: A 'why' person. Thinks critically and puts in the additional effort to get to the right conclusion, dares to challenge the status quo and is always on the lookout to improve

    • Have Min. Bachelor degree in any major
    • Min. 3 years of experience specifically in talent development (training, coaching, career discussion, needs-assessment, competency, career)
    • Min. of 1 year of project management, program management, and/or process improvement experience
    • Min. 2 years’ experience working DIRECTLY with leaders and senior employees.
    • Min. 2 years’ experience assisting growth of millennials
    • Understanding Indonesia talent landscape and basic employment law
    • Some part of Talent Management (specifically competency, career, and other growth-related HR management)
    • General HR knowledge in multiple areas (the more the better), such as: role clarification (job design), performance management, recognition programs, culture building, employee engagement, coaching and development, conflict resolution, employee relations, data collection, and analysis
    • Experience in start-up or similar environment (majority millennials) is a plus
    • Experience in client-service based company is a plus
    • Effective communication, interpersonal, and client service skills.
    • Confidence and comfort delivering empowering session (public speaking) in order to inspire growth
    • Ability to coach or to clearly communicate in discussions and written documents to inspire growth
    • Ability to deliver regular updates and feedback clearly and tactfully.
    • Ability to influence diplomatically and fairly with a range of stakeholders.
    • Ability to grow professionally by actively learning and staying up-to-date in areas of expertise.
Our Selection Procedure in a Nutshell
The position reports to Head of Learning and Development. During the interview process you will meet him/her, as well as a few business stakeholders and Management Team members.

If you want to become a part of our highly motivated, international team, please click on the 'Apply Now' button to send us your application! We are looking forward to hearing from you!