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We’re looking for an Engineering Manager to manage our engineering team and unlock their potential. Since you’ll be joining a growing startup, you’ll wear multiple hats and have lots of growth opportunities. We believe that talented engineers can adapt to any syntax or technology, so feel free to apply even if you don't meet all the requirements.

What you will do:

    • Monitor engineering execution and delivery. You will be responsible for monitoring execution and delivery for the engineering team, identifying risks and solutions, and driving improvements. You will ensure engineering tasks are part of the road-mapping process as necessary. You will identify common patterns of inefficiency across the organization and suggest improvements and plans to leadership.
    • Schedule, roadmap, and QA. You will work with our product manager to draft and distribute well-written requirements into reasonably sized cards. You will define periodic delivery milestones within engineering resource and business requirement constraints. You will validate that the deliverables are meeting product and business requirements before they are released.
    • Manage and mentor the engineering team. You will ensure your direct reports are executing quickly, effectively, and healthily towards delivering results.
    • Hire top engineers. You’ll strategy and vision for recruitment of engineers, and identify technical skills gaps for recruitment and upskilling current team members.
    • Make Workera a rewarding place to work at for engineers. You will build a healthy and collaborative culture rewarding strategic failure as well as success. 
    • Be hands-on in the software development process. You must be willing to get your hands dirty to help your team achieve their goals. You will set a high standard on coding, testing, deployment, and monitoring.
    • Participate in company oversight. You will collaborate with leadership to create and communicate the vision, high-level roadmap, and technical strategy for the team, ensuring every engineer understands how their project contributes to the company goals. You will set direction for the engineering team, anticipate strategic and scaling-related challenges via long-term planning.
    • Product Regulatory Compliance. You will be in charge of identifying and making the product fulfill applicable regulatory compliances (e.g., information security, privacy, Intellectual property and licenses, QoS policies).

What you should bring:

    • Hands-on software engineering experience (at least backend, ideally full-stack).
    • Strong technical leadership ability.
    • Experience mentoring a (remote) engineering team.
    • Experience managing software projects in a fast-paced environment.
    • Experience growing and organizing engineering teams.
    • Ability to make strategic decisions that achieve business goals within time, budget, and resource constraints.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

We hope you will fit well with our team’s culture:

    • Strong work ethic. All of us believe in our work’s ability to change human lives, and consequently work not just smart, but also hard.
    • Growth mindset. We are eager to teach you new skills and invest in your continual development. But learning is hard work, so this is something we hope you’ll want to do.
    • Good team member. We care and watch out for each other. We’re humble individually and go after big goals together.
    • Flexibility. You should be flexible in your tasks and do whatever is needed, ranging from tasks like member support to high level architectural decisions.
This full-time position is remote. Our offices are in Palo Alto (USA) and Medellin (Colombia). We welcome applicants from all over the world.