Intercorp Group - Chief Data Officer

Lima District, Lima Region, Peru
La Victoria Lab – Intercorp
“Intercorp operates with a single ambitious goal: to create a strong economic backbone to sustain Peru’s burgeoning middle class.”
– Fortune magazine

We are seeking a Chief Data Officer to set up and lead our newly established center of excellence and define the strategy for a holding of 30+ Intercorp companies. The Chief Data Officer will push forward the development and implementation of innovative data-driven solutions across companies.


    • Data obsession. You have an incredible amount of passion for the possibilities that a data-centered culture unlocks for both users and businesses.
    • Strategic delivery. You are a strategic thinker with proven success at execution.
    • Relentless drive. You have a bold vision and the grit to overcome obstacles to realize your goals.
    • Team-building experience. You have successfully developed multidisciplinary teams, setting up the right conditions to make them thrive.
    • Language. You are fluent in both Spanish and English.


    • Bold vision. We are guided by a very ambitious mandate from our president: to build the largest data-driven ecosystem of integrated services in the country, which is highly aligned with Intercorp´s purpose.
    • Extensive platform. Our +30 companies across 7 different industries provide a competitive advantage for building a data-driven ecosystem that has Peru's middle-class family at its core. Indeed, every Peruvian interacts with an Intercorp touchpoint on average 1.8 times each day.
    • White canvas. The opportunity to start a top-notch data center from scratch: building the team, creating the culture, and defining the next generation of data-driven initiatives across the Intercorp Group.


    • Ability to influence. You have proven persuasion skills with both technical folks and top business executives.
    • On-the-ground experience. You have cut your teeth on high-impact data-driven initiatives encompassing a broad set of use cases, ideally having failed in some of these projects.
    • Knowledge. You have earned a MSc/BSc in Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics, or have comparable experience.

Intercorp is Peru’s largest conglomerate group, spanning a portfolio of 33 companies across a diverse array of sectors, including financial services, retail, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, and education, all aiming to serve Peru’s middle-class families. All together, Intercorp employs more than 60,000 Peruvians, accounting for more than 2.7% of the country’s GDP, and it has managed to achieve all of this in just two decades.