FEST communications coordinator

Lima District, Lima Region, Peru
La Victoria Lab – Design
“Intercorp operates with a single ambitious goal: to create a strong economic backbone to sustain Peru’s burgeoning middle class.”
– Fortune magazine


La Victoria Lab is a small multidisciplinary group of creatives who use human-centered innovation to improve the lives of Peruvian families. Partnering with design consultancy IDEO, we help Intercorp – Peru’s largest business conglomerate – to explore the future and reimagine the services they deliver to the customer.

We are currently seeking a Communications Coordinator for the FEST_19. You will be responsible for designing, iterating and implementing the communication plan for Intercorp’s annual Innovation Festival, the group’s highlight of the year that brings together its top 3000+ executives and 13+ speakers from companies such as Spotify, Netflix, Google and Amazon for two days of learning, celebration and actionable inspiration.


    • Design and implement the communication plan, content and pieces for the FEST’s different stakeholders: attendees, speakers, sponsors, CEOs, partners, etc; in order to attract them and coordinate their participation.
    • Deliver the overall branding and marketing strategy for the FEST. Work hand in hand with La Victoria Lab’s branding partner to design and deliver the FEST_19 branding identity and assets.
    • Design, iterate and implement the user experience and journey for both FEST attendees and international speakers.
    • Be the point person for all communication and coordination with international speakers. This includes coordinating content, keynote format and details, travel logistics, etc; based on the speaker journey previously designed.
    • Curate and select artistic performances for the event, making sure they are aligned with the FEST_19 theme and branding.
    • Coordinate with FEST suppliers to ensure execution is on quality, on time and on budget.
    • Collaborate in other key work streams such as: thematic installations, online registration, the FEST’s website, the digital innovation fair, among others; to help make the FEST a team success.


    • You have no less than 1 year of experience designing and executing communication strategies, including the delivery of communication assets such as: e-mail campaigns, posters, banners, brochures, etc.
    • You have experience writing and designing content for both digital and physical formats.
    • You have intermediate experience in Illustrator, Photoshop, Mailchimp and Google Suite.
    • You have participated in the organization of events and have worked with diverse teams, achieving your targets on time and on budget.
    • You are accountable and an overachiever. Whatever you need to get done happens on time and on quality.
    • You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and take part in all and any tasks.
    • You are action oriented and a team player.
    • You are able to discuss and defend your ideas fluently in both Spanish and English.


    • A mission-driven organization. Intercorp is intently focused on a single ambitious dream: to make Peru the best place to raise a family in Latin America.
    • A growth opportunity: you will lead some of the FEST tracks such as branding and communication, and collaborate in most of the other work streams.
    • A chance for deep learning: you will go through a diverse array of content to find the right message and delivery for Intercorp’s audience, learning about what is recently possible and understanding some of the world’s leading best practices, and working alongside best-in-class partners such as IDEO.
    • A culture of autonomy. We cultivate a virtuous circle of trust and empowerment, which begins with our extremely rigorous hiring process.
    • A sense of family. We only work with folks who have huge hearts and a great sense of humor.
Founded in 2014, La Victoria Lab is the innovation lab of the Intercorp group, where we reimagine and rethink the future of our companies and the experiences we provide to our users. We work in partnership with IDEO, the world's leading design and innovation consultancy firm, to create new products and services based on people's needs.

Intercorp is Peru’s largest conglomerate group, with a portfolio of 35 companies that spans a diverse array of sectors, including financial services, retail, healthcare, and education, all aiming to serve Peru’s families. All together, Intercorp employs more than 80,000 Peruvians, accounting for 4% of the country’s GDP, and it has managed to achieve all of this in just two decades.