DEVELUP Internship Program (2023)

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Ministry Team: Team Development & Resourcing – DEVELUP /
DEVELUP Internship
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DEVELUP Internships will be offered to help identify great leaders within our church and invest in their leadership. Our internships may help fulfill college requirements, but enrollment in college is not required to apply. Candidates for DEVELUP Internships will primarily be from within LCBC.

Our goal is for the intern to grow spiritually, professionally, and relationally because who they are becoming is extremely important. Our Internships will combine personal challenges to grow and hands-on ministry experience.

DEVELUP Internship applicants must complete an application and be approved.
DEVELUP Internships can range in length: 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.
DEVELUP Internships are based on spending 10 - 20 hours/week with LCBC Staff.
DEVELUP Interns will report directly to their Local or Central Ministry Leader.
DEVELUP internships are unpaid.

Depending on the parameters of the internship, equipment such as a computer or other resources may be provided by their Local or Central Team.

As an overarching guideline, the Intern's experience should follow this pattern:
∙ The Intern watches us - You watch what I do.
∙ The Intern serves with us - We do it together.
∙ We watch the Intern - I watch what you do and give feedback.
∙ The Intern does it.

3 Month Internships - Experiences provided in the first 3 months may include:

    • Attend weekly staff vision huddles
    • Attend Starting Point
    • One-on-One Bible study through a book of the Bible
    • Attends First Steps and Growth Track Environments and debriefs with LCBC Staff
    • Any engagements, activities, or meetings that fulfill the requirements of their college internship (if applicable)
    • Engage in one local team meeting and one central team meeting per month
    • Brief overview of LCBC Key Ministry Areas (Student Ministry, kidMinistry, Next Steps, Guest Experience, Campus Pastoring, Worship & Arts, Communications, IT/Facilities/Team Resourcing/Finance)
    • Exposed to subsets of particular Ministry Area (Example of Student Ministry: Gatherings, Events, Video Shoot, Creative Meeting)
    • Will experience both a day in the life of a campus and a day in the life of central
    • Helps with preparation and planning for a ministry-area component (Example of Student Ministry: Collide and/or HSM, a retreat such as Wildfire, and a leader training)
    • Takes and debriefs Strengths Finder assessment (intern will be personally responsible to pay for this assessment) and discusses how those strengths can be leveraged within the context of a team.

6 Month Internships - Experiences provided in 6 months may include:

    • Would experience the first 3 months offerings and add the following:
    • Study on Identity in Christ
    • Reads “The Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible"
    • Participates in an LCBC All Staff and LCBC U Experience
    • Participates in a Stage Drill Experience
    • Leads something significant
    • Reads "The Ideal Team Player" and "Crucial Conversations"

12 Month Internships - Experiences provided in 12 months may include:

    • Would experience the first 3 and 6 month offerings and add the following:
    • Write out their own doctrinal statement and debrief with LCBC Staff
    • Is involved in leading or co-leading a Group
    • Writes out a current version of their life mission
    • Reads "Deep and Wide"
    • Has working knowledge of all tech-related functions of environments
    • Attends Financial Peace University and discusses the principles of financial stewardship
    • Attends and debriefs a Leadership Event such as The Global Leadership Summit, etc.
    • Has a 6 month performance review and an exit interview