DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer

Berkeley, CA

DevOps Consultant

 Design and implement a disaster recovery process of our production system on Amazon AWS and HerokuDesign and set up hierarchical access control in AWS and Heroku so that the DevOps and developers are granted access at different levelsSet up backup and restore of all data setsDocumentationDocument the production system configurationDocument the production system change processPerform network scan and penetration tests against (As an external vendor).
 Clearly divide 3 environments - testing, staging, production. Use same names for DB, heroku and S3 buckets.
 Set up continuous deployment process that allow to developer to deploy branch separately for testing.
 Cleanup heroku plugins, check their plans.
 Describe in docs reason for each plugin usage.
 Create users for developers, restrict access.
 Provide logs for each developer job.
 Review new application (Cortex) production infrastructure setup.
 Setup monitoring and alerts for critical parts of the system (databases, queue)Review NewRelic functionality and how we could use it more efficiently.
 Review and document s3 buckets (purpose of every bucket)

 Experience with managing a SaaS production system on Amazon AWS.
 Experience with managing large databases.
 Experience with continuous build, integration and deployment process and tools such as Jenkins and CircleCI.
 Experience setting up monitoring and alerts.
 Experience with container technologies.