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Plano, Texas
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First of all - Thank You!
This probably isn’t the first job description you’ve read today. Maybe this is one of over 100 you reviewed this week. So, before we go any further, we want to stop and say thank you for considering this role. We know you have options and we’d like you to consider adding us to that list.

About Leadr:
Simply put - Leadr is a performance management platform built on the unique belief that the best way to drive results is developing your employees.

Our product has been inspired by our 5 foundations, which are that every employee -
 1. Has consistent 1:1 meetings
 2. Understands and recognizes their unique strengths
 3. Receives consistent feedback
 4. Has clearly documented goals
 5. Has a personalized development and growth plan

Leadr's innovative platform works to redefine leadership, cultivating an environment where managers evolve into effective leaders, teams flourish, and organizations achieve their full potential.

Effective Leaders.
Healthy Teams.
Increased Results.

If this mission matters to you, we'd love to meet you!

What Makes This Job Meaningful?
The workplace has changed. Today's employees seek more than just pay or title; they seek careers where they can learn, grow, be challenged, and valued for the ideas they bring to the table. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the tools and structure needed to create this kind of coaching and development culture across every team and every manager. Instead, their development efforts are buried in disconnected systems or compliance-based HR software. When you join Leadr, you’ll be helping us to solve this incredibly complex, yet worthwhile, puzzle of one to one people development at scale within organizations.

Imagine the impact: with a centralized employee development center, you'll empower managers, enhance workplaces, and boost engagement across organizations. Because your efforts have created a ripple effect of positive change throughout the organization, employees actually want to come to work on a Monday morning. All because you joined us in our mission of creating 1M Leadrs.

Your Role:
The person in this role is responsible for the front end of the sales process and creating the first impressions with our potential customers. This involves searching for and finding the right people that would benefit from a product like Leadr. You will accomplish this by doing outreach via phone, email, and social channels to set up demos for prospects to see what people development looks like in action!


    • You will be responsible for articulating the benefit of Leadr to potential customers.
    • Seamlessly schedule 15+ demos per month with our Account Executive team.
    • You will be responsible for executing around 60+ outreach calls per day
    • You will be an individual contributor, in a team environment! You will report directly to the SDR team lead, who values in-the-moment coaching, weekly 1:1s, and empowering you to own your own success.
    • You will participate in daily team huddles to celebrate wins and share goals!

You Will Crush This Role if:

    • You have a growth mindset! (No prior sales experience is required)
    • Passion for sales, and a desire to become an expert in the field.
    • Have the ability to think on your feet in a conversation and answer unexpected questions with ease.
    • Demonstrate empathy for customers' struggles and challenges.
    • Intellectually curious.
    • Have a willingness and desire to work in a fast-paced and high growth environment.
    • You are good at finding ways to motivate yourself and your teammates!!! Camaraderie and Team Spirit is the name of the game around Leadr.
    • Have the ability to adapt to changing priorities.

Benefits of Joining Our Team:

    • AWARD-WINNING CULTURE: We were listed as a Dallas Morning's News Best Places to Work in 2022 and 2023 and ranked # 12 on Will Reed's Top 100 Workplaces because we believe that people deserve to be led and developed, not managed.
    • An opportunity to work in a DFW Tech start-up with unlimited growth potential.
    • Hybrid work schedule: In office Monday - Thursday; Friday remote.
    • We offer PTO, Paid Holidays, Flex Holidays, etc.
    • Medical insurance (dental, vision, life, health, etc.)
    • We are committed to developing you as a leader and providing career growth throughout your employment with us.
    • We promise to care for you as a person, and have meaningful conversations with you so you have the clarity and support you need to do your best work!

Leadr is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our goal is that everyone, regardless of their culture, background, and perspective, has the opportunity to love Mondays as much as Fridays. Thank you again for your time and interest!