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We are Leaf

Leaf is on a mission to upend the way companies buy and sell transportation. Every year, billions of dollars, hundreds of megatons of carbon and millions of person-hours are wasted because the companies who ship goods and the companies who carry them aren’t upfront about their needs and abilities. Our platform finds ways for buyers and sellers to contract binding commitments for plannable and predictable freight and allows those contracts to be traded when needs change. In time, Leaf will become the hub through which the trillion-dollar American freight market is managed.

We are a team of experienced, smart, and mildly disagreeable troublemakers who like taking on unreasonably big challenges; we know how to build things, we’ve lived what’s broken in this industry, and we’re looking for bright, ambitious people to help us drag the transportation world kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

What does the Operations Team do? 

The Operations Team manages loads for our clients and solves complex logistics problems along the way. You will be sourcing and managing carriers/LSPs to move freight contracted through the Leaf Platform, always focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Working closely with the broader Leaf team, you will play an instrumental role in Leaf’s success by ensuring efficient freight operations and showcasing the value of plannable and predictable shipments through binding Leaf contracts. 

As a member of the operations team you will:
●      Manage loads end-to-end from tendering and scheduling pick-up and delivery times in customer portals to ensuring on-time delivery
●      Be the first point of contact for freight execution-related queries from shippers and carriers
●      Identify and implement strategies to support efficiency objectives
●      Source and onboard carriers/LSPs for active opportunities
●      Communicate all expectations to carriers – paying extra attention to special requirements, and confirming the carrier can meet all requirements and delivery time
●      Build, manage and maintain carrier/LSP relationships
●      Conduct trucking operations review meeting with carriers/LSPs on a regular basis
●      Work with the broader Leaf team to continually identify new opportunities for carrier/LSPs to transact with our shippers
●      Work to reduce touches on shipments and automate the life of the load process
●      Assist in cold calling LSPs to find capacity solutions for shipment needs. 

Who makes a great Operations Coordinator? 

One who will be fanatical to the point of unreason about delivering real, measurable value to our shippers and carriers/LSPs. Possess the skills for “finding a way to make things happen” and the ability to “adjust on the fly”. Be able to create polished materials for shippers, carriers and LSPs. Be willing to work with people you disagree with; be eager for criticism, and constantly searching for ways to do what you do BUT better. Never be content with things the way they are, but be mindful not to allow perfect to get in the way of good enough. Must have a sense of humor and be prepared to use it liberally. 

It’s helpful if you have: 
●      1 year of experience managing truckload shipments
●      A strong understanding of freight rates for both long term commitments as well as “spot” market needs
●      Experience buying and selling transportation (particularly truckload)
●      A strong comprehension of freight markets, market trends, seasonality and other factors impacting the supply and demand for capacity
●      A clear understanding of rules and regulations issued by the DOT & FMCSA
●      Strong analytical, project leadership and communication skills
●      Excellent office skills, including spreadsheets, CRM, data management and presentations
●      Exceptional track record of developing and executing operational plans and providing personal leadership through example
●      Ability to work both self-directed and collaboratively to deliver results in a fast-paced, startup environment
●      Prior experience in transportation management and/or operations
●      Unbelievably positive attitude, sense of humor and/or thick skin
●      Consummate team player, able to wear multiple hats, and assist team members when needed

Who doesn’t? 

What we’re trying to do is hard, because we’re asking for big changes from people who are usually very comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done. There is a lot of frustration, and it’s easy to put a lot of effort into something that doesn’t materialize. We’re here to put a big dent in a gigantic industry, something we’ll all be proud of someday. 

We’re also a startup. Priorities change all the time, something’s always on fire, and there’s twice as much work to do as hands to do it. Its uncomfortable, new challenges surface constantly, and that means it’s up to you to manage how you spend your time in an environment of conflicting priorities.  

We’re well-funded, with advisors and investors who’ve built legendary companies. But we’re also deploying that capital aggressively, so you should expect uncertainty and discomfort. 

If the above sounds daunting, you’re a perfectly sound and reasonable person who probably won’t fit in at Leaf. If this strikes you as an exhilarating milieu, well, let’s talk.


Cash compensation range: $70,000-$95,000 USD annually.

The cash compensation above reflects the annual base salary. In addition to base salary, our total cash compensation may include additional compensation for employees in eligible roles. All Leaf employees are also eligible to participate in Leaf’s equity plan to receive Incentive Stock Options (ISOs). Individual compensation packages are based on a few different factors unique to each candidate, including their skills, experience, qualifications, and other job-related reasons.

We know that benefits are also an important piece of your total compensation package. We offer the following benefits:
●      Equity: Incentive Stock Options
●      Medical, dental, and vision insurance options at low group rates
●      16 company observed US holidays in 2023 plus unlimited PTO
●      401K plan
●      Up to 12 weeks of fully-paid parental leave after 6 months of employment
●      Stipend toward home office necessities and monthly phone bill or internet

Leaf Logistics is an equal-opportunity employer and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds. If you’re a passionate team player who wants to have an outsized impact on a diverse and dynamic team, we’d love to hear from you!