Machine Learning Engineer

Leap Motion’s mission is to build a natural connection between people and technology, unlocking the potential of both. Machine learning is absolutely fundamental to bringing humans and technology closer than ever before. As a Machine Learning Engineer, you'll spend your time working between machine learning algorithms (i.e. neural networks, dimensionality reduction, feature utilization, extraction and clustering), programming (i.e. Python, MATLAB, and C++), statistics, mathematics and computer vision.

Leap Motion opens up magical new worlds and experiences where you can tangibly interact with the digital world. Our tracking technology makes this possible in ways that are simple, powerful and human. We’re a small company with a global presence and our platform is transforming fields as diverse as gaming, education, music, industrial simulation and more as we become the default input for virtual and augmented reality. 

This is a bleeding-edge space for bleeding-edge people. As we craft the next phase of user interfaces and interactions there is rarely a precedent to follow.


    • Research and develop algorithms by applying a variety of machine learning techniques
    • Be a key player in improving the performance and stability of Leap Motion tracking
    • Provide regular detailed analyses that form the foundation for data-driven decisions on priorities and roadmap planning
    • Create, manage, modify, maintain, and present both the analytic and qualitative aspects of user data to improve the performance and stability of Leap Motion tracking


    • BS/MS/Ph.D. Computer Science
    • 2-4+ years relevant work experience in data analysis
    • Must possess a strong background in Machine Learning
    • Must be proficient in Python, R, C++ or MATLAB
    • Must be proficient with some analysis language or library (e.g.scikit-learn, NumPy, R, MATLAB, SciPy)
    • Innately curious and self motivated to ask questions and find answers
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Passionate about technology and enjoys hacking/prototyping on the side
    • Dynamic individual with great teamwork and interpersonal skills


    • Competitive Salary + equity package
    • Comprehensive benefit plans, including health, dental, vision, flex spending account
    • "Take as you need" vacation policy
    • WFH is the way of the future
* Leap Motion is an Equal Opportunity Employer
* NOTE: All persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States