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Foundry College, a new type of two-year college, seeks PhDs in a relevant field to develop new types of synchronous online courses. This online college is designed to educate working adults to fill in-demand jobs by teaching skills and knowledge that are important to employers and unlikely to be automated in the foreseeable future.

Each session of each course includes a mixture of lecture and active learning exercises. Applicants should be passionate about education and about helping the disadvantaged, and should have expertise in a relevant field, experience teaching, have excellent communication skills, be open to new ways of teaching, and be flexible and adaptable as the curriculum and pedagogy continue to evolve.

We are seeking in particular people who could develop the following courses:

    • Personal Soft Skills: The course focuses on learning how to organize yourself, how to recognize and manage your emotions, personal responsibility, and how to keep motivated.  

    • Convincing and Conveying in Business: This course provides a background in common types of business analyses, factors to consider when making decisions in a business context, and how to present decisions and arguments effectively. As part of this, it provides material on business speeches and presentations, and on how to write effective memos and reports.

    • Navigating Work: Students learn to recognize and address common situations that arise in the workplace, which involves learning practical ethics. They also learn about different types of organizational structures and how to work effectively within them. The course also addresses leadership and business principles.


    • Create detailed lesson plans for 90-minute class sessions. Lesson plans are developed as Google Slide decks. Each plan contains:
    • On average, 30 minutes of slides that constitute a lecture, with detailed presenter notes beneath each slide. This lecture focuses on conveying particular practical skills and knowledge, as specified in the syllabus.
    • Polls, which are inserted into the lecture in order to keep students engaged.
    • Breakout Groups (of 2 – 8 students, as appropriate) following the lecture, during which active learning (e.g., debates, role play, group problem solving) occurs.
    • A 10-minute quiz at the end of class, which assesses how well students learned the material presented in class.  

The Instructional designer is responsible for all aspects of the lesson plan, including the quiz.

    • Meet weekly with the faculty team who are developing courses
    • Iterate on each lesson plan with an editor, who will help ensure that the lesson plans are clear and comprehensive.


    • A Ph.D. in a relevant field.
    • At least two years teaching experience.
    • Open to new ideas; adaptable.
    • Highly organized and responsible.
    • High energy and entrepreneurial spirit.

How to Apply:

    • Please submit your cover letter and resume as a single attachment to when applying and reference the role you are applying for in the subject line.
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