Senior Embedded Application Engineer / Firmware Application

Engineering – Firmware
What you will do

To sustain the company's growth, Ledger is looking for an new talent to work on the new cryptocurrency integration process.


    • Creation of embedded software updates implementation for our products
    • Existing product analysis debug of embedded products production of documentation for end users beta software production for integration tests application and communication feature design for embedded bone and applications
    • Reuse, architecture and factorisation of code blocks
    • Interaction with hardware integration for product/proto production of embedded software products (trust chain for secure components, creation of production tools (flashers, testers))
    • Coding of integrated programs: antitearing and others smart cards techniques.
    • Asynchronous input/output code programming
    • Effective communication with other embedded development teams and hardware teams.
    • Communication and specification of marketing and product team requests
    • Expressing customer/frontend requests in features.
    • Exchanges with business development teams and frontend for integration
    • Participation in product development at an early stage : software prototyping
    • Communication with various equipment via various buses
    • Configuration management for efficient bug tracking

Requirements and qualifications

    • Diploma in Computer Science, Engineering or similar relevant field
    • Relevant experience in Embedded C code optimization
    • Communication network (synchronous and asynchronous communication protocols)
    • Practical use of i2c/spi/usart communication buses and arm architecture
    • Sdk Exploitation
    • Experience in embedded development even simple type mbed, Arduino, Keil and eclipse arm
    • Competences in code compilation and optimization.
    • Embedded code debug (assembly or C, relocatable code)
    • Cross compilation
    • Security and Cryptography knowledge (Hash, public and private keys signature, encryption ...) is a plus
    • A good understanding of the cryptocurrency & security ecosystem is a plus
    • Having a strong interest in cryptocurrencies and wishing to work with blockchain technology