C++ / Rust Software Engineer

Engineering – Software

Your role will be to work on our Leger Core Library. It is a general-purpose cryptocurrency related library,
targeted towards high end use and can be integrated as backend to easily implement cryptocurrency wallet
applications alike. It is designed to be pluggable and configurable by desktop and mobile applications as
well as server APIs.

Ledger Core library is a full featured C++ library which allows developers to:

    • Manage multiple wallets on different currencies,
    • Manage multiple accounts per wallet,
    • Compute wallets and accounts balances,
    • Build and broadcast transactions,
    • Receive and handle blockchain events

Required profile

    • Engineer profile with at least 3 years of experience in C++ 14
    • Knowledge of Rust is a plus
    • Good knowledge of *nix operating systems.
    • Open source lover (90% of our code is available on Github)
    • Experience with continuous integration solutions.
    • Capable of self-training and monitoring of backend-oriented technologies.
    • Having a strong interest in cryptocurrencies and wishing to work with blockchain technology.