Smartcard Crypto-lib Engineer

Engineering – Firmware


    • Work on the Design, the specification, the implementation and the documentation of a Secure Crypto-library
    • Study the state of the art Secure implementation of cryptographic protocols and primitives, propose improvements
    • Port these implementations on different secure chips and technologies
    • Document and test the code with security certifications (CSPN, CC) in mind

    • Strong Interaction with:
    • Product managers/marketings for product specification
    • Hardware team for prototyping and production
    • Other software teams
    • Security team - Review Hardware/Software attacks and improve security
    • Test teams - Integrate code in CI

Requirements and qualifications

    • Diploma in Cryptography, Computer Science, Engineering or similar relevant field
    • Experience in Secure Embedded development: embedded, accelerated, hardened cryptographic implementations and OS
    • Strong expertise in Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography. Expertise in ECC algorithms and their efficient and secure implementations. “Weierstrass, Edwards, Jacobian coordinates, Ed25519” words must ring a bell to the candidate
    • Knowledge in Hardware Attacks and their countermeasures -  state of the art SCA, FA
    • Blockchain knowledge is a plus
    • Good communication skills
    • Interest in Open source