Front-End Engineer (Vault)

Paris, France
Engineering – Software
What you will do

As part of its strong growth, Ledger – a technology leader in digital asset and crypto-security solutions – is looking for a Front-End Engineer. 

The Ledger Vault is a SaaS solution addressing the need to safeguard very large and diversified amounts of cryptocurrencies while mitigating both IT and physical assault threats.

It's an enterprise grade solution based on “HSM” (Hardware Security Module) and hardware authenticators. It's a turnkey SaaS hardware / Software suite enabling multi-cryptocurrency, multi-signature, rate limiting and time locking.

Are you able to develop high performance Front-End solutions? Join our team, one of the world’s leaders in one of the most innovative technology sectors, to build a solid and scalable platform for BtoB financial market !

We use a modern tech stack:
ES6 JavaScript / React / Redux / RxJS and async programming / styled-components


    • You will be joining the engineering team developing our new Vault Platform
    • Design custom interfaces, doing back & forth with our product team to define and integrate new features
    • Interact with our devices through U2F / WebUSB / WebHID
    • Write mocks for device & backend, write unit & E2E tests
    • Optimize the overall performance of the Vault front-end

Requirements and qualifications

    • Engineer profile with at least 2 years of experience in Front-End development
    • Strong knowledge CSS, UI development & UX best practices
    • Knowledge of testing libraries like Jest / Cypress

“Nice to have” skills

    • Used to work with complex backend stacks, eventually using docker / docker-compose
    • Already worked with JS type system (Flow / Typescript)
    • Knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, Python)
    • Experience with Open-source & NPM ecosystem
    • Blockchain enthusiast, you’re familiar with the concepts of : wallet, operation, balance, counter values, unspend transaction output, etc…

    • All our software products have an aspect of integration with our hardware wallets.Our engineers on daily basis interact with hardware, security, crypto, core c++ library, design teams to build the best new generation products. 

      We have a great team of talented engineers that all work closely together as a team.