Front-End Developer

Reno, NV /
Data Science/Engineering /
Full Time- Remote
The Job: Front-End Software Developer

About Ledger8760:

Ledger8760 is on a mission to help companies, cities, and communities achieve their climate goals by operationalizing energy, financial, and GhG emissions data. We empower our customers to see and act on their data in real-time, to achieve their climate goals and cost savings through innovative solutions like Carbon Tools™ & Energy Tracker™.  

Ledger’s growing team has deep expertise in energy policy, Human Centered Design, FinTech, and data science. We are a passionate, semi-distributed team (sometimes we work in-person, sometimes we work over Zoom) collaborating in an agile process—pairing developers, designers, & product owners to build products that meet our customers’ core needs.

Job Description:

Ledger8760 is looking for a front-end software developer to help expand our SaaS application (Ruby-on-Rails backend with React frontend) as we continue to grow and scale operations. You’ll play a key role in supporting a major evolution of our SAAS product—moving from our current MVP into tracking, forecasting, and reporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals for a range of customers across industries and cities. You’ll work closely with our Product and Design departments to develop and iterate new features.


-3+ years experience as a Frontend Software Engineer, primarily developing user-facing production features on a modern web stack.
-Advance best practices in modern state management patterns, workflows, libraries and tooling on the front-end
-Strong proficiency in team-oriented git workflow
-Able CSS/JS development and testing abilities
-A strong commitment to testing and quality
Organized, clear communicator

About You:

Product focused: You are able to connect back-end architecture and implementation decisions to user experience goals, and make value considerations between the two.

Passionate: You care about the quality of the things you produce and the problems you solve. At Ledger, we are a passionate team who care deeply about the climate challenges we are tackling.

Inclusive: You understand that accepting and integrating a diverse set of views creates growth and opportunity.