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About us 👇🏼

At lempire, we're a passionate team on a mission to help individuals and businesses grow.

As a B2B SaaS company, valued at $150 million, we offer an array of products:

🔵 lemlist: our platform designed to assist people in personalising their outreach and securing more meetings with leads.
🟠 lemwarm: our premier deliverability tool on the market that assists users in keeping their emails out of the spam folder.
🔴 lemcal: our scheduling tool complete with personalised booking page to arrange meetings 2X faster.
🟣 Taplio & Tweet Hunter: our tools aimed at building strong personal brands on LinkedIn & Twitter.

Plus, 2 more products launching in 2024.

At lempire, we also believe in fostering a sense of community. We achieve this by bringing like-minded people together through our online community and onsite events.

Additionally, we provide free online learning resources, all with the goal of helping our audiences grow their businesses exponentially faster.

Our mantra: Keep growing! We live by it each and every day.

At lempire, we are here for the long term
Our mission: help people & businesses grow
We thrive in providing the best possible software to SMBs
We are always looking for talented people to join.

Are you excited about building something different? Something big?

👉 You might be a fit

    • But before applying, read this carefully.
    • After reading this document
    • If you feel pumped and 100% aligned, don't hesitate to apply and tell us why you'd be a perfect fir for us
    • If you don't feel fully aligned, that's OK - there is a company for everyone and we really hope you will find a great fit for you.

🎯 Preferred experience

    • You want to be part of something big - you will never lower the bar
    • You want to change the lives of SMBs and create a worldwide champion in that space
    • You have a passion for Software, Design and amazing Experiences
    • You have a strong grit
    • You are an eternal learner: what's the last thing you geeked about?
    • If you want to be a Leader - you understand that you will always DO. Leading by example is not an option

⚙️ Recruitment process

    • Drop your resume
    • We will come back to you, no matter what
Wondering what it's like to work with us? Peek into our world here 👉🏻