Sales Development Representative (BENELUX market)

La Hulpe, Wallonia, Belgium
Sales – Sales Development Representative
Thinking about joining LetsBuild?

Hi there students & recent graduates, looking for an amazing employment opportunity? Are you ready to jump-start your career by joining LetsBuild, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the construction sector? Do you want to join a young and dynamic team with incredibly smart and driven people who will help you to grow and develop your professional skill set? Do you want to improve your technical skills and receive personalised training for your needs? If your answer is yes, then you should apply!

Why does your role matter?

Our Sales Development Representatives are the first point of contact for all new prospective clients and will identify and qualify sales opportunities. Basically, this role is critical to the business, as it lays the foundation for a successful business plan. 

What is your role?

→ Kick-start your career at LetsBuild!
Becoming a Sales Development Representative will open doors for you to continue your career at LetsBuild, either in sales or in any of the other positions within our company, such as Account Executives, Customer Success and Marketing. This is where it all starts!

There is a clear path for career growth within LetsBuild for the right candidate who is willing to learn and work toward that goal.

First three to six months: will bring you lots of technical knowledge about the LetsBuild Apps, the construction market but also some tools that are most frequently used in saas sales development. 

- Learn the LetsBuild’s applications (mobile and web).
- Learn the tools that you will use to be successful in your role: Salesforce, LinkedIn.
- Build relationships with your sales and marketing team.
- Strategize with Account Executives on which companies to target and reach out via email, LinkedIn and/or phone.
- Identify what it takes to meet your goals.

Six to eighteen months: will offer you the possibility to excel and rapidly aim for a promotion.

- Continue to build on your core skills and product/company knowledge. 
- Build up connections and educate your target audience on mobile sales enablement: For you, hearing NO = the start of a negotiation!
- Know what it takes to meet or even exceed your goals and maintain the momentum to do so.
- Begin to expand your knowledge of salespeople and responsibilities to gain consideration for promotion.

To be successful at LetsBuild, you need to master the following qualifications:

    • Strong verbal and written communication skills in Dutch and French with proficiency in English.
    • Result driven personality.
    • Outreach.
    • Excellent time-management and prioritization abilities.
    • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and you want to develop yourself.

We would like you to have these other skills:

    • Be a convinced team player.
    • Willing to have a maximum impact on LetsBuild.
    • Have downloaded a Free Trial of our products (APROPLAN & GenieBelt), tested the Apps and browsed our websites before applying, so you know what kind of company we are and what we do.
    • Ping pong and foosball :)!

What you will get in return:

    • Being part of the excited growth journey of one of the fastest growing Saas companies in the construction sector.
    • Feel the great working atmosphere of a young, dynamic and international team.
    • Training & Development plan to further develop your skills to build out your career.
    • Intensive onboarding period to learn our Sales & Marketing playbook.
    • An attractive commission plan with accelerator for overachievers.

APROPLAN and GenieBelt are two of the  fastest-growing “Software as a Service” (SaaS) companies in the construction industry. Recently, we made a huge move by merging together and now we are a 120+ contech scale-up called LetsBuild — and we are ready to change the industry! Our clients will now benefit from our married expertise of in-depth project planning and quality assurance.

Together, both companies are used in thousands of projects in more than 35 countries and have offices in Copenhagen, Brussels and Lodz. GenieBelt and APROPLAN had a combined growth of 75% in 2018 and in the beginning of 2019, our team grew by 100%. We are still growing rapidly and the ambition is to continue this development. If you work with us, you will get the opportunity to be part of a company with big potential and velocity.

In LetsBuild, we believe in clear commitments and respectful disagreements, and we support each other. We believe in a social and informal work environment where people thrive and have fun every day. LetsBuild is also a transparent and egalitarian environment, where everyone knows each other and everyone knows how the company is doing. Check out our website to learn more.