Team Lead, Backend Systems Engineering

Hello, Toronto! We are beyond excited to open our first office outside of San Francisco and are looking for the right people to join us in our new city.

Lever was founded seven years ago to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: how to recruit and hire top talent. We’re building the next generation of hiring software that companies like Netflix, Yelp, Cirque du Soleil, Shopify, and Eventbrite rely on to grow their teams. We've rethought the talent acquisition paradigm and are the innovation leaders in our space.

We’re extraordinarily proud of the company we’ve built so far (not to mention humbled to be recognized as the #1 place to work in San Francisco, as well as a top workplace in the entire United States.). Our people are Lever’s biggest competitive advantage: we’ll continue investing in our “Leveroos” by bringing our people-first culture to Toronto.

Lever's engineering team is growing rapidly and we're looking for a Team Lead to help scale the team in Toronto, with a focus on backend systems. The team will oversee, improve and replace existing services as we scale to increasing usage and increasingly large enterprise accounts.

Our team is a thoughtful bunch that cares about code quality, design thinking. We value transparency and believe in fostering an inclusive, collaborative, helpful team environment. We're always looking for ways to do better for our customers, the product, and for the team: #continuous-improvement.

We’re looking for a team lead who is inspired to mentor, grow, and help teams succeed, especially when the team is still small and nimble. You’ll keep the team engaged as we scale up; make sure that projects are running without a hitch; and bridge the gap with our framework, infrastructure and product engineers to improve the overall performance, reliability and scalability of our systems. As we onboard bigger customers and continue to evolve our hiring product, you’ll guide your team to execute with efficiency, consistency, and, above all, empathy. That’s the Lever way.

You will teach your peers patterns and best practices for production systems learned in previous roles as well as those gained from a broad understanding of Lever systems. At the same time, you'll learn from the unique challenges operating a large scale real-time eventually consistent data model.

We recognize that the team lead role can be a challenging one to ramp up into, since you’ll need to manage people in a new environment, and learn the tech stack. As such, we’d love to work with you to define an initial role and onboarding process that ensures your ability to gain context and learn Lever’s tech stack successfully. One way might be to initially join as an individual contributor before officially managing people.

Your experience will be the catalyst to help Lever establish a new backend systems team in Toronto. Our goals include scaling and architecting systems to support advanced product features that may not be currently viable because of hard technical considerations. You’ll collaborate with our small, but effective, framework team with a track record of highly impactful work for Lever.

You’ll join a broader team where everyone—including you—is striving to constantly improve their knowledge of infrastructure, systems, and cares about minimizing downtime. We are an incredibly supportive team–we love to pitch in when problems arise and give great peer feedback to help each other grow. We are passionate about lots of things--automation, friendly chat bots, creating a great hiring experience, and a great user experience--and we love sharing those passions with each other. You'll be a key driver of instilling these values in our new Toronto office and play a big role in helping grow the team.

Read about what our team values and why here.

We’re looking for someone with some of the following skills and a strong desire to learn:
- Leading software projects or development teams and a passion for developing others
- Good software design, testing, documentation, and support practices
- Event relay and streaming: Kafka, RabbitMQ
- Monitoring, tracing, and profiling
- Experience bringing software to production at high scale
- The knack for writing, clean, readable, maintainable code
- An eye for automation and instrumentation
- The ability to decompose complex systems and find failure scenarios
- Great teamwork, cooperation, and communication

Lever makes extensive use of AWS, Docker, Node, Mongo, ElasticSearch, and Redis within our infrastructure. We use tools like Hubot to streamline deployments and Grafana to see what’s going on under the hood. In addition to automating all the things, we love to version them too! Our systems are all created using Terraform and Chef, working together to ensure consistency at all costs.

Read more about The Lever Tech Stack from our Software Engineer, Eric Hwang.

Learn more about Lever’s interview process and read about what our engineering has been up to on our engineering team blog.


    • Complete Lever’s new-hire training week (a.k.a. Ramp Camp), and learn what it means to build a powerful recruiting platform.
    • Ramp up on Lever’s engineering stack by pair-programming with your teammates and attending engineering training sessions designed and presented by your peers.
    • Complete your engineering starter project and deploy your first changes to production!
    • Meet with cross-functional peers around the company to learn how the organization functions.


    • Update and improve the Engineering onboarding process and documentation. Ensure that the next new hire onboarding is able to be completed faster and easier than your own.
    • Provide mentoring to more junior engineers in their progress on business and personal career goals.
    • Improve the reliability of our asynchronous job processing and messaging service by making it resilient to stuck and large tasks.
    • Let Lever the product gracefully handle MongoDB or redis downtime.
    • Implement on-demand reindexing of Elasticsearch for an account or all accounts without interruption of service.


    • Grow engineering team by recruiting, interviewing candidates and developing more effective ways to onboard engineers.
    • Work with the engineering leadership team to align, establish and promote engineering-wide priorities, including new features, system refactoring, infrastructure investments, and tool building.
    • Represent Lever externally by writing for our engineering blog, participating in volunteer events at local bootcamps like Juno and Lighthouse Labs, and attending industry events.
    • Design and prototype a replacement for our asynchronous job processing and messaging service, leveraging established frameworks as appropriate.
    • Measure capacity and latency of email sync service, project upcoming needs based on historical growth, and increase throughput to handle needs for 12 months from now.
    • Improve scalability of Lever's open source real-time database backend, ShareDB.
    • Work closely with product engineering to educate on best practices: how to write efficient database queries, patterns for more performant tasks, identify performance bottlenecks for large customer accounts (i.e. how to write Derby components in a performant way).


    • Help set the standard for what engineering leadership looks like at Lever. Take us to the next level on topics like one-on-ones, goal setting, feedback and coaching, career planning, or continued education around soft skills and technical skills.
    • Define career path opportunities for our engineering team so that all of our engineers can see paths for career development. Help our engineers identify the best direction for their own growth and then coach them along their chosen path.
    • Contribute to the architecture and implementation choices of projects across engineering to ensure that decisions are in line with best practices and requirements of large scale distributed systems.
    • Predict our future failures and work proactively to mitigate them.
    • Work with the engineering leadership team to align and establish the priorities for the backend systems team that you’ll then tackle. Some of these could be: Identify data quality issues and write internal tools to improve data consistency; profile and optimize most expensive taskqueue jobs and crons; optimize API for large accounts and increasing volume of operations; optimize search and database query performance; and more.
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Lever builds modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. Our team strives to set a new bar for enterprise software with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We participated in Y Combinator in summer 2012, and since then have raised $73 million. As the applicant tracking system of choice for Netflix, Eventbrite, ClearSlide,, and thousands more leading companies.

Under the hood, we're a technology company with a powerful open-source web framework: DerbyJS. It is the first and only open-source MVC framework that syncs all data via an Operational Transformation backend, using the same algorithm that powers Google Docs. DerbyJS is also uniquely optimized to render everything on the server as well as the client.

Lever is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and will work with you to meet your needs. If you are a person with a disability and require assistance during the application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We celebrate our inclusive work environment and welcome members of all backgrounds and perspectives. Learn more about our team culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion. or learn more about what Lever Engineering is up to on the Engineering Blog.