QA Engineer - LA

Los Angeles, CA /
Engineering – Quality Engineering /
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Lever builds software for teams to find, interview, and hire top talent. We set a new bar for enterprise software with modern, well-designed, realtime apps. After participating in Y-Combinator Summer 2012 and raising a seed round, we have the support of many fantastic advisors and investors.

All engineers on the team contribute to full stack feature development as well as improving our open source projects, including Derby (, ShareJS (, Tributary (, and PeerJS ( Learn more about our team, projects, and investors at

We're looking for an engineer with deep JavaScript expertise and interest to lead framework development. Derby is the only realtime JavaScript framework that does full server and client rendering for much faster page load time and better SEO. It's also the only JavaScript framework fully powered by Operational Transformation for proper conflict resolution in realtime and offline. We are currently rewriting much of Derby to clean up the code and make it many times faster. The next version of Derby uses innovative techniques to render static HTML and live bound DOM nodes with full client and server code sharing.


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