Intern, Fluidic Devices

Menlo Park, California
The Intern will support various product development activities for the design and manufacturing of next generations platforms under development at LevitasBio. Specific duties will include CAD design and prototyping, carrying out experiments, analyzing data, and supporting a wide range of engineering projects.

Levitas has developed a unique magnetic levitation technology that separates individual cell populations according to type or state based on their unique magnetic and density signatures.
Unlike any other technology on the market, the system is entirely label- and marker-free, enabling unbiased, direct identification and collection of specific populations. The platform is simple, allowing users to begin with unprocessed whole blood samples or any sample with cells in suspension. In a matter of minutes, the instrument and its software automatically perform levitation; label-free separation; quantification of results based on high-resolution imaging; and analysis by cell number, morphology, and levitation profile.
Levitas is moving forward with commercialization of the technology in several of the fastest growing application areas, where our method solves some of the key technical limitations currently faced by researchers.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

    • Assist engineers with fabricating fluidic devices.
    • Participate in device and interface design, including CAD work.
    • Work with engineers and scientists to run experiments and troubleshoot processes.
    • Together with project leaders, interpret experimental data and write technical progress reports and papers.
    • Maintain notebooks in a manner that complies with company policy for recording of experimental data.
    • Other duties as assigned.


    • Minimum: Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related fields. Undergraduate research experience.
    • Preferred: experience with microfluidics, MEMS, microfabrication.
    • Industrial internship experience is preferred.