Associate Host Team Pastor

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Host Team – Campus Host Team /
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The Associate Host Team Pastor receives personal instruction, opportunities for observation, and hands-on experience from a mentor Host Team Pastor. (THIS IS NOT A REMOTE OPPORTUNITY)

At Life.Church, we exist to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. It’s been our mission since 1996 and has guided us every day. Leading people isn’t just an expectation; it’s a necessity.  It’s a cornerstone of our culture. That's why we’re always seeking leaders—leaders like you—to bring your skills to life. We are one church meeting in multiple locations, and we want to help you become the person God made you to be. 

The Host Team leads a team of volunteers who help Life.Church feel like a welcoming and comfortable place for people. From the parking lot to the auditorium and every step in between, Host Team volunteers help each person know Life.Church is a place they can attend and, even better, where they can belong.

The Associate Host Team Pastor is responsible for effectively demonstrating pastoral care to current volunteers and church attenders. The Associate Host Team Pastor will also be responsible for exemplifying leadership development tasks, such as conducting development meetings. Additionally, the Associate Host Team Pastor is an initial contact for church volunteers. Furthermore, this role will engage in successfully carrying out weekly operations. 


What You'll Do

    • Provide pastoral care for church guests with meetings, phone calls, or conversations.
    • Resolve any conflicts that may arise.
    • Development Meetings in person, on the phone, via video, email, and conference calls.
    • Cast a compelling vision of the Host Team.
    • Train the Host Team while setting clear expectations and coaching them to achieve results.
    • Equip, invest in, develop, and release leaders into the church and community.
    • Initiate volunteer conversations.
    • Bring in volunteers to add to and grow the team.
    • Coordinate and lead the volunteer orientation and scheduling processes.
    • Follow up with volunteers from when they begin serving to ensure satisfaction.
    • Maintain the volunteer schedules to guarantee all Host Team responsibilities are met.
    • Check supply inventory.
    • Ordering supplies that the Church is running low on.
    • Supply Management.

    • #LI-Onsite

Skills Needed to Succeed

    • Must exemplify a high level of customer service.
    • Clearly explain complicated processes and regulations.
    • Ability to provide objective solutions to employee complaints/inquiries.
    • Ability to self-motivate and make independent decisions.
    • Understanding budget/fiscal management.
    • Knowledge in negotiating.
    • Understanding how to communicate with an array of personnel effectively.
    • Effective at multi-tasking, time management, and following up.
    • Excellent verbal, written, and oral communication skills.
    • Exceptional problem-solving skills.
    • Maintain composure during stressful situations.
    • High School Diploma or GED.
At Life.Church, we are passionate about reaching more people in more communities. We hire new team members to begin their journey at an existing Life.Church location so they can learn the culture and systems of our church from experienced pastors already on the team. Our hope is, as we continue to launch new locations, we can send pastors who are ready to lead on day one because of what they’ve learned at an existing location in preparation.  

Check out the list of current locations and the cities we’re exploring or considering for future locations. We’d love to discuss which locations you are interested in.

Benefits We Offer
- Paid parental leave, including maternity, paternity, and adoption leave.
- Generous employer-paid leave for the use of vacation, sick time, and other qualifying reasons. 
- Innovative and comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance that provides team members with useful resources and savings to navigate their holistic health. 
- Life insurance policy provided for all staff members at 2x annual salary at no cost. Additional life insurance coverage is available to purchase. 
- Short-Term and Long-Term disability is covered at 100% for full-time qualified staff members.
- Comprehensive wellness and mental health benefits allow staff to proactively invest in their physical and emotional health.
- Generous 401(k) retirement plan allowing a team member to have up to 12.5% (including employee contribution, employer match, and employer discretionary contribution) contributed into their account in their first year. It doesn’t stop there—the more years on staff, the greater the investment! 
-$160 annually in development dollars for team members to invest in their professional growth. 
- Casual dress and work environment.
- And much more!

Our Beliefs, Culture, and Commitment to Diversity
At Life.Church, every staff member, and intern is a minister and is expected to engage in the church's ministry fully. We consider ministry readiness and an individual’s capacity to represent Life.Church’s beliefs as a minister during the selection process for all staff and intern positions. An essential function within every position held by a staff member or intern at Life.Church is to uphold and represent the beliefs of Life.Church. Learn more about what we believe at Life.Church

While we unite around our mission, we know unity doesn’t mean uniformity. Our calling is too great, and our mission is too important not to be intentional about strengthening our team through diversity. We know that diverse perspectives in race, ethnicity, background, age, and gender are essential to reaching the world for Christ. To learn more about how we strengthen our team through diversity, visit our careers page

All data collected in our application process, from resume collection to application questions, is used for recruitment purposes only.