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The LifeGroups/LifeMissions Pastor will identify and develop leaders, help LifeGroup leaders form and maintain small groups, and mobilize people to engage in mission efforts.

When you become a Life.Church pastor, you’re not just taking a job. You’re taking back ground for the Kingdom. You’re embracing your leadership potential. You’re following God where only He can take you. When you become a Life.Church pastor, you’re doing more than just ministry. You’re becoming the person God is calling you to be. Are you ready to see what God has in store for you?
The LifeGroups/LifeMissions (LGLM) Team at Life.Church is responsible for identifying and developing LifeGroup and Missions leaders, helping LifeGroup leaders form and maintain LifeGroups (small groups), resourcing individuals and groups with tools for spiritual growth, and mobilizing people to engage in relief and restoration efforts. Each Life.Church location has a LifeGroups/ LifeMissions Pastor who oversees these ministry areas. Read on for more details.

The basics:

    • Can work well with a team and grow through experiences and open rapport with staff and key campus leaders
    • Experienced in coaching, managing, and developing leaders
    • Understands this is not a preaching position, the responsibilities are focused on developing leaders
    • Able to think, plan, and act strategically and relationally
    • Has a passion to help people grow personally and spiritually 

The works:

    • Develop leaders and build the LGLM culture at a specific campus
    • Create a strategy and partnerships with local organizations to minister to the community
    • Advocate for LGLM ministries and projects at the campus 
    • Responsible for the effectiveness and measurable outcomes of the campus LGLM ministry
    • Customize programs and initiatives to the local community and campus 

For Bonus Points:

    • You realize the importance caffeinated beverages have on a team
    • You can appreciate different types of humor and have an excellent “pity laugh”
To view the expectations and responsibilities of this role, please view the job description here.