Full-Stack Software Engineer

Edmond, OK /
YouVersion – YouVersion Product /
The Full-Stack Software Engineer will be responsible for engineering web-based solutions that directly support features built by YouVersion’s Product Engineering Teams.

God has placed you on the earth for a reason, at this crucial moment in time. He’s given you a purpose. With the smartest tech at our fingertips and more distractions vying for our attention than ever before, the need for the Bible has never been greater. If you’re looking for a place you can combine the skills God has given you with your passion to see people engage with His Word in new ways—no matter where they are or what languages they speak—the YouVersion Team is the place to start.
With over 6,000 spoken languages and the majority of the world on 3G or slower mobile connections, the YouVersion Team is inventing technical solutions that create a first-class Bible experience for every person, regardless of language or location. We’re seeking a Full-Stack Engineer who will be responsible for engineering web-based solutions that directly support features built by YouVersion’s Product Engineering Teams. This includes (but is not limited to) internal content management systems, new feature development, and rapid prototyping.  You’ll work alongside world-class programmers to solve complex problems as you strive to make the Bible accessible in every language, everywhere on earth, on systems that are used by millions every day.
If your passion for innovation is only surpassed by your desire to see people changed through the power of God’s Word, keep reading!

You are:

    • Calm and efficient under pressure and able to learn new things quickly
    • Someone who knows when a 301 is better than a 404
    • Good at translating the big picture into bite-size requirements
    • Not tied down to a single language, library, or framework
    • Comfortable switching contexts, but you really enjoy focus time

You will be:

    • Using Web technology to help people engage with the Bible daily
    • Exploring the unique challenges of a large-scale web app
    • Writing code, fixing bugs, and changing the world
    • Working with a team to build new features for Bible.com, the YouVersion Bible App, and new experiences and platforms
    • Engineering complex solutions based on designs and prototypes from our Product Team
    • Part of a cross-functional team of engineers and designers

You know well:

    • Modern Javascript Syntax and Tools (ES6+,Babel, Webpack, etc.)
    • A modern front-end Web framework (React,Vue, Angular,or something similar)
    • A Node.js Web server (Express,Fastify,or something similar)
    • CSS Syntax, Preprocessors,and CSS-in-JS libraries
    • Responsive Web Design strategies and tools
    • Basic Accessibility and SEO best practices
    • At least the fundamentals of Gitlab CI and Kubernetes

It would rock if you:

    • Believe that accessibility, responsiveness, and site speed are the second holiest trinity
    • Think it’s normal to write a SQL query, build a React Component, and squash a bug before lunch
    • Enjoy a continuous integration workflow with zero-downtime deploys
This position will be located at the Life.Church Central Offices in Edmond, OK.