Data Insights Analyst

Edmond, OK /
Campus Development – Campus Development /
The Data Insights Analyst will analyze large data sets, identify trends, and build visuals that tell the Life.Church story hidden within the data.

Did you ever think God could use your talent at a church? We might not see how that’s possible, but God doesn’t work within our parameters. He creates opportunities we never could have imagined, but it’s up to us to embrace His plan. Your God-given skills and passion to serve Him could intersect right here, right now. When you bring your skills to Life.Church, there’s no telling where God could take your future.

The Life.Church Analytics team is passionate about giving data a seat at the table and providing the organization with the information it needs in clear and concise visuals to help make better decisions and drive the mission forward. We’re looking for a Data Insights Analyst who loves pulling useful nuggets of information out of a sea of data. Do you have a knack for numbers and love problem solving?  Do you see patterns and connections everywhere you look? If so, continue reading for more details.

The basics:

    • SQL is your second language
    • Even though you appreciate a good spreadsheet, you know most people would rather look at a picture, so you are able to turn large data sets into easy-to-read visuals using data visualization software
    • You have exceptional analytical skills and your curiosity leads you to ask “Why?”
    • You understand statistics and data analysis techniques 
    • You know how to get non-analytical people fired up about a p-value

The works:

    • You have a drive to deliver and an openness to new ideas and approaches
    • You’re flexible and adaptable with strong relationship-building skills
    • You’re a prioritization wizard who can complete multiple tasks with little to no supervision
    • You get energized by solving problems that have others stumped
    • You’re able to work independently while maintaining focus on achieving optimal outcomes as part of a collaborative team effort

The cherry on top:

    • Your resume is a visualization that tells your story
    • You are Tableau Certified
    • In your mind, R is more than just a letter and Python is not just a snake
To view the expectations and responsibilities of this role, please view the job description HERE