Senior Deep Learning Engineer

Palo Alto
Computer Vision
Lighthouse is an AI software and hardware company that is bringing the technology of the self-driving car into the home. With the combination of 3D sensors and deep learning, we've created a new kind of interactive assistant - you tell Lighthouse what you care about, and it tells you when those things happen.

We are rapidly expanding and are looking for a deep learning engineer to push the boundaries of what is possible with advanced computer vision and 3D sensing. You'll be responsible for the design and implementation of a highly significant user-facing component of the computer vision system.

Part of what we love about Lighthouse is that it is a continually growing and learning product - we'll be adding more and more computer vision capabilities as we go.  This is an intense job, but there will be no shortage of interesting and impactful projects.

Basic Qualifications

    • Prior design and implementation of at least one production-quality machine learning system.
    • Broad understanding of machine learning fundamentals.
    • Significant depth of understanding in at least one area of machine learning.
    • Strong C++ skills.
    • Command line fluency.
    • Very high desire to expand personal mastery of deep learning.
    • Extraordinary tenacity.

Preferred Qualifications

    • Experience with recurrent neural networks, self-supervised & semi-supervised learning, person identification, or sensor fusion.
    • Familiarity with MongoDB, Java, Caffe, or TensorFlow.
    • Prior work with 3D sensors.