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Locations: Tokyo, Japan
About us:

Deep expertise. Personal and Industry evolution. Impeccable craft. These are Limit Break’s founding principles.  Limit Break founded by global industry leaders in mobile gaming, We are unlocking its potential beyond games to transform digital markets into real-world economies and digital worlds into vibrant communities who will take gaming economies for both players and traders to new limits. We combine the power of technology, crypto currency, and creative vision to create experiences that connect people from all corners of the globe. 

Limit Break is backed by leading investors that include Buckley Ventures & Paradigm Ventures. The total crypto market capitalization increased by 25 times in a single year. The adoption rate and a number of public and private partnerships is proving it to be the next wave of technology of the future and Gaming is leading the way. 
About the Role:
Limit Break is looking for a Level Designer with a strong technical experience in 3D environments, animations and cinematics, to design and innovate compelling visual narratives for our mobile games.  As a Lead Level Designer, you will directly participate in product leadership, innovate new compelling game experiences, and iterate our live game content and events with a data driven design approach using real time customer metrics.
Level designer responsibilities include designing and creating compelling visual narratives, engaging mini games, and live events inside the Unity engine, including block mesh level creation, level scripting, and in-engine 3D cinematics for the story and performance scripting.  These responsibilities require a high degree of knowledge and experience using commercial game engines, editors, and level scripting tools.  You will get to innovate and shape new gaming experiences from concept to hands-on implementation. 


●       Lead design of new game levels and live game events with compelling visual narrative, cutscenes and engaging minigame and quests
●       Collaborate with the Creative, Art, Design and UI teams to develop storyboards for game episodes and events utilizing visual narrative design techniques
●       Define/Assemble/Create in-engine cinematics in Unity, to reinforce visual narrative and action key moments of gameplay
●       Ability to assemble a wide assortment of assets (models, characters, animations, VFX, Audio, Gameplay, Narrative and more) in the Unity engine.
●      Apply understanding of cinematography, timing, motion, adding and moving cameras smoothly and artistically to create engaging scenes and compelling visual narratives.
●       Collaborate across all creative departments including Audio, Artists, Tech Art, and Animators to ensure all the assets are being properly specified, created, and are ready for production and implementation.
●      Collaborate with Production to establish and maintain a content pipeline during pre production, production and live game against goals.


      5+ years of experience working in the video games industry as a Technical 3D Level Designer or Technical Artist.
       Demonstrated ability to design engaging premises and visual narratives for levels, quests, minigames and events, including but not limited to optimizing level flow, pacing, visual storytelling, character animations, PvP experience, etc.
●      Expert using Unity to build/create 3D game scenes, levels and environments. 
●      VERY strong technical implementation knowledge and scripting experience.
●      Good knowledge of in-engine sequencers. 
●      Strong knowledge of cinematography, 3D character and camera animation.
●      Aware of new technologies and processes related to the industry.
●      Excellent communication skills and abilities to work efficiently within a team.
●      Ability to work with people from other fields of expertise in a strong culture of data driven design using customer metrics from live services.
●      Self-sufficient and resourceful; able to identify and work with technical constraints.
Nice to Have: What an ideal candidate looks like:

       Live game services experience, including management of a content pipeline and events calendar with live services team, and optimizing content design, investments and resource allocation against real time customer metrics.
       Mobile experience preferred.  
      Agile development and hands on experience, ability to tweak or implement animations, VFX, lighting, and other assets as needed.
      You are excited to utilize new technologies and design novel games for a new market of players.
      Experience designing a Mobile game from scratch a plus