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A Teacher has the primary responsibility for planning, organizing, and carrying out the selected developmental and spiritual programs for their classroom of children.  The Teacher reports directly to the Academy Director.   

Position Overview

    • Job Title: School Age Teacher
    • Reports To: Academy Director
    • Compensation: $15.00 - 18.00 per hour (based on Experience and Education)
    • Requirements: Criminal Background Check required, must be willing to drive the school bus (at least 25 years of age)
    • Start Date: ASAP

Classroom Tasks

    • Planning, supervising, and implementing the programs for the class in accordance with the Academy Director and curriculum coordinator and Community Director.
    • Maintaining an age-appropriate classroom learning environment, as required by the Academy Director.  Independence in assuming responsibility for the efficient and satisfactory arrangement of interest areas, rooms, storage, and outdoor area; and the adjustment of temperature, light, and ventilation in the assigned classroom. 
    • Supervising children by sight and sound at all times. 
    • Guiding children towards desirable habits in eating, sleeping, personal hygiene, social development, emotional stability, self-dependence, self-control, and respect for authority. 
    • Creating a warm and accepting environment for all children, families, visitors, and potential customers. 
    • Sharing the Gospel and having spiritual conversations with the children in your classroom.
    • Maintaining ongoing communication with families that includes knowing their names and addressing each person by name every day. 
    • Recognizing the individuality of each child and planning the program to assure each child’s success. 
    • Demonstrating and teaching respect for diversity among children and adults. 
    • Understanding the process of child development and relating that understanding to teaching. 
    • Showing awareness of progress or lack of it in a child’s behavior, being alert to the total group even when dealing with a part of it. 
    • Encouraging and guiding the expression of feelings, being a good listener, and assisting children in gaining confidence. 
    • Guiding children in developing skills across all learning domains by teaching specific skills and giving children time to explore a variety of creative materials throughout each day. 
    • Assisting children in problem-solving and guiding them through conflicts by teaching and modeling positive conflict resolution skills. 
    • Assessing and observing children and using these observations to plan effective learning opportunities for each individual class and for the entire group. 
    • Making proper requests, in a timely manner, for materials and supplies to facilitate the operation of classroom activities. 

Academy Tasks

    • Assuming an equal share of the joint housekeeping responsibilities of the staff and maintaining cleanliness of the individual classroom at all times. 
    • Be available to give breaks to other staff when your kids are not in the building at school.
    • Know and plan for school breaks and summer club with provided materials.
    • Attending all staff meetings, training sessions, staff work days, parent conferences, parent open houses, graduation programs, and other special functions as scheduled by the Academy Director. 
    • Maintaining current First-Aid and CPR certification during employment (this is a job requirement). 
    • Attending training seminars to aid in development of job skills and increase potential for growth. 
    • Participating in an academy training event as a facilitator or co-facilitator bi-annually.   
    • Participating in the larger early childhood community through attendance at conferences, volunteer service, and keeping a current membership in a local, state, or national early childhood organization. 
    • Maintaining a thorough knowledge and close adherence to the Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers, NAC accreditation standards, and the operating policies of Lionheart Children’s Academy. 

Critical Gifts

    • Spiritual maturity - committed and passionate follower of Jesus Christ 
    • Willingness to share the Gospel and have spiritual conversations
    • Desire to reach children and parents for Christ 
    • Friendliness and a warmth towards people 
    • Enjoy teaching and being with elementary age students
    • Dependability and self-confidence 
    • Enthusiasm for teaching 
    • Bring the fun into your class
    • Desire to growth and learn personally and professionally 
    • Comfortable having spiritual conversations with children and adults 
    • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written 
    • An ability to evaluate self 
    • Be teachable and flexible
    • A clear and well-modulated voice 
    • Self-starter 
    • Personal appearance that is neat and suitable for working with young children 

Essential Job Functions

    • All staff in supervision of children must be: 
    • Able to see, hear and respond to children’s needs, emergencies and conflicts that might occur in a classroom, on playground, in bathrooms, and in common areas. 
    • Able to lift 35-50 pounds from the floor to a waist high table 10-15 times daily. 
    • Able to reach a child 20-30 feet away within 30 seconds without danger to the employee’s health. 
    • Able to crouch to a child’s height, maintain eye contact at the child’s level, sit on the floor, and stand tall enough to reach children on the highest piece of equipment. 
    • Able to determine cognitive, social and physical needs of children and communicate in writing and verbally in the English language at a level that 90-95% of parents and other staff are able to understand and respond to. 
    • Able to handle the stress, tension and exasperation that daily contact with many children and parents might bring. 
    • Clearly create and implement a daily plan in your classroom
    • Work with a team to plan and implement the Summer Club curriculum

Background, Experience, and Education

    • At least 18 years of age
    • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate required
    • Early education BA, AA or CDA highly preferred for Teacher position
    • Previous experience in a state licensed facility OR 24 hours of documented pre-service training required for a Teacher position
    • Children’s ministry experience is a plus
$15 - $18 biweekly