Lab and Facilities Manager

Cambridge, MA /
Manufacturing /
Full time
Company Summary
We are an exciting, fast-growing biotech company that has changed the rules for how liquids move. Viscous liquids are sticky, and they don’t flow easily—think ketchup, toothpaste, heavy oil, or paint. This creates a lot of waste and inefficiency and handcuffs the way we design. But not anymore. Invented at MIT, our liquid surface technology eliminates the friction between liquids and solids to help liquids flow with ease and enables breakthroughs that used to be impossible.

Duties & Responsibilities
·        Ensure and maintain a clean, organized working environment for all lab spaces.
·        Lead safety, including conducting appropriate trainings, ensuring compliance with lab safety regulations and proper handling and disposal of lab materials.
·        Efficiently manage inventory and order and receive lab supplies at two facilities in Cambridge and Billerica.
·        Develop and maintain relationships with vendors and negotiate pricing for lab supplies, equipment and service agreements.
·        Oversee maintenance and calibration of equipment/instruments, including FTIR, UV-Vis, goniometer, tensiometer, rheometer,  particle size analyzer, interferometer, microscopes, spray equipment.
·        Maintain an environment that fosters collaboration and creativity.
·        Help to develop a forward-thinking strategy for expanding lab space as the company grows.

Skills & Experience
·        B.S. or equivalent in in biological sciences or related discipline preferred.
·        At least 5 years of experience managing a dynamic, creative lab and facility.
·        Early-stage company experience is desirable.
·        Good understanding of facilities management issues and procurement procedures.
·        Must possess a high level of initiative and the ability to work with little supervision.
·        Basic Microsoft Office skills.
Key Attributes
·        Excellent written and oral communication skills.
·        An ability to follow directions as well as work independently.
·        A desire to learn and grow within a transformative company.
·        The capacity to wear multiple hats and be flexible.
·        Dedication to excellence.

We understand it takes a diverse team of highly intelligent, passionate, curious, and creative people to solve the challenges we are working on. Our dynamic team of humans have incredible perspectives to share, just as we know you do, and we take great pride in being an equal opportunity workplace.