Front End Engineer

Minneapolis, MN or Remote
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At Livefront, we help companies design and build world-class digital products that command attention and inspire joy. We’ve helped household names like Target, Samsung, General Mills, and Optum create experiences that have reached millions of people, and startups like HomeSpotter and Acclaim build entirely new businesses that challenge their industries’ status quo.

We’re looking for an outstanding Front-End Engineer to join our team.

Who you are
You’re a curious, proactive front-end engineer with a fluent command of the ever-changing landscape of front-end technologies. You develop web applications using view technologies such as React, Vue, and Angular, build systems such as Webpack and Gulp, development workflows using Git and Docker, and testing frameworks like Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, and Protractor. You have strong CSS skills – beautiful, responsive design is standard operating procedure for us. 
You have a knack for writing readable, maintainable code and know how to balance getting it done with getting it right. You have a track record of leading technically ambitious projects to timely completion and don’t shy away from big engineering challenges. You have an eye for detail and enjoy collaborating with UI designers to implement intricate interfaces faithfully. You’re a terrific communicator who can help steer cross-functional teams from idea to implementation. You have a demonstrated ability to approach multifaceted problems holistically and create elegant, simple solutions. Above all, you’re a self-starter who thrives in autonomy and can work effectively with little oversight.
The ecosystem of front end technology is vibrant and tumultuous. We need someone who can navigate the chaos, learn new tools as necessary, look for support from teammates when needed, and deliver excellence regardless of the technologies involved. 

Why you should apply

    • You want to work with passionate and talented people who are always looking for ways to make things better. 
    • You desire a work environment where respect, mutual trust, and egoless collaboration are paramount. 
    • You want colleagues who take their work seriously but not themselves, and who know how to let loose and have a good time. 
    • You like being part of a team that has a reputation for excellence and gives back to the community by educating, mentoring, and sponsoring. 
    • You want to work on products and accounts that have outsized impact and reach. 
    • You believe in sweating the details, giving a damn about quality, and taking pride in going the extra mile.

What you bring to the table

    • At least 3-5 years of relevant experience, ideally in a consulting environment or as part of an in-house, cross-functional product team.
    • Experience building complex web-based applications using a variety of view technologies, build systems, workflows, and testing frameworks.
    • Work samples showcasing performant, neatly organized code with clean, well-implemented user interfaces.
    • Mastery of modern software development best practices, tools, and workflows.
    • Excellent communication skills and a strong ability to present and defend technical and architectural choices persuasively.
    • Above-average discipline and personal organization skills.
    • Obvious comfort with critique and peer review in the context of an iterative software development process.
    • Experience leading and/or mentoring other engineers.
    • A demonstrated hunger for personal and professional growth.
    • A self-evident love and care for the craft of software development.

Bonus points if you...

    • Have experience with other languages and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Python/Django, C++, and/or C#.
    • Have experience with DevOps, deployment, and automation.
    • Enjoy tinkering with emerging languages and platforms such as Go, Rust, Alexa, and/or Unity.
    • Have publicly released your own personal, self-started products or apps.
    • Speak, write, and/or educate publicly about technical topics.
What to expect
When applying, please include a short note about yourself, a summary of your work experience, and a link to any public profiles you actively maintain (e.g. GitHub, LinkedIn, etc).

Our hiring process moves quickly and consists of several stages for candidates who capture our attention with their initial submission, sometimes including but not limited to a short preliminary phone interview, a series of video interviews, and a short take-home exercise which you'll have up to a week to complete.

Additional information
We go out of our way to evaluate all employees and job applicants equally based on merit, competence, and qualifications. We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply and consider all qualified applicants.