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Local Kitchens is hiring a Kitchen Team Member to prepare food in our delivery-first kitchen. Your job is to prep high quality food in a hyper-speed environment with precision and accuracy.

The Job:

    • Cook and assemble food
    • Package food
    • Clean 
    • Interface with delivery drivers and customers 
    • Participate in on-going trainings 
    • Take inventory
    • Receive deliveries


    • Part-time or Full-time
    • Weekday and weekend 
    • Lunch and dinner

What We Are Looking For:

    • Customer First - always do what’s best for the customer
    • Do Your Job - to the highest level!
    • Respect - yourself, your teammates, your customers
    • Data Driven - we make decisions based on data 
    • Team Wins - do what’s best for the team because the team can accomplish more than the individual
    • Ownership - take pride in everything you do
    • Relentless - work ethic
    • On Time - to work, in preparing food for our customers


    • Pay: $17 - $19 per hour
    • Health care, Dental, Vision (must be full-time, 30+hrs/wk)
    • Shift meal
    • Get in at the ground floor of a fast growing company!
    • Interact directly with the founders
    • Massive growth potential


    • At least 16 years old
    • Ability to communicate in English
    • Ability to adapt and follow instructions
    • Ability to move freely around the kitchen
    • Ability to lift loads of 25-50 lbs
    • Ability to operate store equipment including fryers, grills and more
    • Ability to interact productively with team members
About Us

Our mission is: 
1. Customers - we give customers access to high quality food
2. Brands - we help local food entrepreneurs expand through delivery and takeout
3. Employees - we provide an elite place to work

What consumers want has changed dramatically in the last few years - they want delivery and takeout! Restaurants have been built for dine-in leaving them unprepared for massive delivery and takeout growth. We exist to give customers what they want and help local food entrepreneurs meet the customers’ needs. Give the people what they want! 

Our solution is to create a single kitchen with many brands focused exclusively on delivery and takeout. We use technology to maintain high quality food and to make every kitchen employees’ job more enjoyable.