Senior Developer

Downtown Austin, TX

Work with us:
Local Plant Source is a growing start-up in the heart of downtown Austin, TX. We use the latest in cloud computing and web application development to provide needed solutions for the commercial landscape and wholesale plant industry. We work on challenging and interesting problems in search, data collection and analysis, database cleaning and organization and machine learning. Our technology-based solutions — database analysis that combines thousands of different formats, streamlined complex communications, search algorithms that work across multiple dialects and nomenclatures — are interesting and challenging and require rigorous attention to detail and constant iterations and improvements to meet the needs of the industry.

Who we're looking for:
You're an intellectually curious problem-solver who writes code in your dreams. We don't need a ninja or a rockstar, just a motivated individual driven by the desire to improve business and industry and create new solutions for people who need them. You can build a solution from the ground up and find mistakes as they happen. You don't mind attending meetings because you enjoy teamwork and collaborating. You want a friendly, close work environment with people who you want to grab lunch or a drink with to celebrate a job well done.


    • Architect solutions
    • Write well-documented code
    • Test & maintain code
    • Mentor other developers on areas of expertise
    • Communicate new features releases clearly
    • Work with Product Managers and Founders to define the direction of future product growth
    • Adapt and respond to changes in a fast-paced startup environment

Tech In Production

    • LAMP w/ Laravel
    • ElasticSearch
    • AWS EC2/S3/DynamoDB
    • Chef
    • Git

Tech In R&D

    • Meteor/NodeJS
    • Angular or Backbone
    • Docker
    • Redis/MongoDB
    • Mobile
    • iOS/Swift
    • Android

About Local Plant Source:
Local Plant Source connects landscape architects and contractors to thousands of suppliers across the country.

The wholesale plant and landscaping industry is a complex business impacted by the different timetables and needs of its stakeholders, and by nature itself. The challenges we face as an industry are real but solvable. Our tools and services were designed to highlight pricing outliers, warn of non-viable solutions, identify shortages, and more to save project budgets and ensure success. Our platform allows us to gather large amounts of supply and demand data and interpret it into simple, easy-to-understand insights that help landscape architects, contractors and suppliers prosper together.