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Contractors Positions – American Sign Language Interpreters
Independent Contractor
LSA is continuously accepting qualified interpreters and transliterators to the LSA network of independently contracted professionals to service a wide range of interpreting assignments. To participate on the LSA network, contractor's must possess RID/NAD, BEI or your state’s QA equivalent level certification proof of your state’s required License or Registration.
Independently contracted interpreters and transliterators that participate on the LSA network are able to negotiate competitive fees for services based on their experience, professional credentials and market factors such as demand for their language competencies.   Interpreters and transliterators participating on the LSA network are able to accept client assignments and control their own schedules/assignments.  As well, contractor interpreters and transliterators are able to provide their services remotely from a place of their choosing.
Independent contractor interpreters and transliterators that join the LSA network are availed opportunities to accept challenging assignments and gain competitive industry experience.  
LSA, in cooperation with participating independent contractor interpreters and transliterators, seeks to provide all clients a high level of service. Accordingly, independent contractors participating on the LSA network should be familiar with and comply with industry best practices and recognized industry professional standards, which include:
Negotiable Rates
Self directed schedules (track your availability online on our online scheduling system)
Timely payment for your services (submit invoices online)
RID's standard practices  
Professional interpretation courtesy, protocols and confidentiality 

Independently contracted interpreters and transliterators that participate on the LSA network have access to the Interpreter Community section of our website. Available resources include: 
Log In/Out access
Glossaries and Terminology lists

LSA offers independent contractor ASL assignments in each of the following service areas:
American Sign Language Interpretation
English/Oral English Transliteration