Growth Lead,

San Francisco, California
LTSE – Software
Hiring Manager: Tiho Bajic, CEO of LTSE Software, partnering closely with Ray Shan, Director of Project Management

About Us
LTSE is on a mission to strengthen the partnership between companies and investors who focus on the long-term. We believe that modern companies deserve a public-market option and ecosystem that rewards them for making smart choices that embrace their futures -- choices to innovate, to invest in their employees, and to seed future growth.

The Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) is building a team of diverse professionals in fields that span technology, finance, regulation, and law. Lead LTSE investors include Founders Fund, Collaborative Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Obvious Ventures, Uprising, and Initialized. Founded by Eric Ries, an entrepreneur, New York Times-bestselling author, and the creator of the Lean Startup methodology.

The Role
At LTSE, we build software that helps founders build the next generation of companies. Our flagship product is, the largest cap table management solution on the market that helps founders issue stock, model fundraising, and manage stakeholders. You will lead growth and monetization for

This is a 3-month full-time contract to evaluate full-time fit.

You will be measured by:

    • ARR growth. 
    • Product add-on attach rate growth, e.g. Fast409A. 
    • Number and velocity of monetization experiments, e.g. new pricing tiers, partner programs. 

You will be responsible for:

    • Develop the growth and monetization strategy, informed by the competitive landscape, customer learnings and analysis. 
    • Own growth experiments and the sales funnel. Drive KPIs by executing existing plans and identifying new levers. Nurture leads to close. 
    • Experiment with low-touch SaaS sales models that close deals and onboard customers with minimal team interaction. 
    • Define pricing strategy and model subscription plans. 
    • Improve sales and marketing messaging, deliver materials and communication with our core value propositions, e.g. website, email. 
    • Cultivate relationships with channel partners, e.g. startup accelerators, to drive growth. 
    • Cultivate relationships with vendors, e.g. accounting firms, to increase the breadth of product offering. 
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ship in-product experiences that drive growth. 
    • Collaborate with Customer Success to scale support efficiency with automation and content. 

Reasons you would be a great fit:

    • Have a founder mindset. You love to build things from scratch. You can both think strategic and dive into the details to get things done. 
    • Care about empowering entrepreneurs, and have an ability to engage and develop credibility with key players in the startup ecosystem. 
    • Are great at communicating with customers and partners. 
    • Have a love for using data to back up an argument. 
    • Built B2B SaaS products and owned growth KPIs, e.g. ARR, ACV, churn. 
    • Understanding of growth loops, notifications, invitations or virality.