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Lucid is the world’s largest audience platform for sourcing and understanding real, deterministic data about human behavior at scale. The company has built the largest and most powerful programmatic survey exchange, and has enabled brands, agencies and partners to ask and answer more than 8 billion questions worldwide. With a pool of over 70 million respondents, Lucid delivers unprecedented access to consumers for data-driven decision making – about everything from marketing to product development in real-time. Lucid is headquartered in New Orleans with offices in New York, London, Sydney and Gurgaon.
The Opportunity:
The role of the survey programmer is to flawlessly execute and deliver online market research surveys using different platforms like Decipher (Preferred), ConfirmIT, Qualtrics, Nebu etc. The skills to make decisions to do what is right for survey respondents and our clients. This position requires direct communication with clients, independent programming time as well as a team-based approach to operational procedures.
You will be part of a global team responsible for successfully managing survey projects from start to finish. Responsibilities of a Survey Programmer include:
·       Reviewing survey questionnaires for quality, compliance, and best practices
·       Accurately assessing the time required to program a questionnaire
·       Accurately assessing the likely survey length based on the questionnaire from the client and suggesting effective ways of reducing overall length and survey fatigue
·       Programming surveys into survey platforms like Decipher (Preferred), ConfirmIT, Qualtrics, Nebu etc.
·       Testing surveys to ensure all programming instructions, logic, flow have been implemented
·       Downloading, Checking and Formatting Interim and Final data for review and delivery in different formats.
·       Working with third-party programming platforms on technical set-up, review, and testing
·       Teaching, training, and mentoring new hires on programming and other technical skills
·       Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
·       Solid working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
·       Solid working knowledge of SPSS
·       Must be detail oriented with an eye for quality
·       Must be able to prioritize projects effectively, work independently, and adhere to strict deadlines
·       Capable of working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment under strict deadlines
·       Team player who works well on group projects
·       Experience using at least one online survey platform (Confirmit OR Qualtrics AND Decipher)
·       Experience with programming languages and/or web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)