Texture / Look Dev Artist

Los Angeles, USA /
The Texture/Look Dev Artist is responsible for the creation of textures and shaders for CG creatures, characters, hard-surface and organic models to the highest quality possible.

You can:

    • Facilitate the creation of high quality displacement and normal texture maps prior to publishing to ensure consistency
    • Design and write Arnold and Katana shaders to create the look desired by the client or VFX Supervisor
    • Work closely with the Modeling and Lighting teams to ensure all textures/shaders are both technically and aesthetically sound
    • Generate and edit UVs
    • Research and build your own reference library as well as contribute to the studio’s reference database

You have:

    • At least five years of experience as a Texture Artist/Look Dev in a VFX Production environment
    • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer graphics or the equivalent combination of education and experience
    • A mastery of Mari, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Maya, Arnold and Katana
    • Mudbox, Zbrush knowledge is a plus
    • A technical understanding of color space
    • A cultivated aesthetic sense and a keen eye for detail
    • A traditional arts background is preferred but not required
    • An inherent understanding of plate and image based lighting as well as full CG lightingBasic compositing skills in Nuke
    • TD skills are beneficial
    • An understanding of multi-pass rendering and 3D scene layout
    • Experience as a Modeler is preferred but not required
    • Strong communication and organizational skills
    • An approachable, proactive, and accommodating attitude
    • An innate desire to stay informed of current technologies
    • Strong time management skills and the ability to balance priorities under the pressure of a deadline-driven production
    • A team oriented mentality with a 'get it done' attitude
    • An ability to thrive in a high-pressure environment
    • An ability to take direction and implement feedback with a positive attitude
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