Digital Coordinator

Melbourne, AU
The role of the VFX coordinator is to support all aspects of the Production ensuring shots and tasks are being tracked and delivered according to established milestones and deliveries. The VFX Coordinator can work departmentally or across sequences and is adept at keeping the Production Manager, Supervisors and Producers informed at all stages of the project. 

You Can

    • Coordinate various departments (Asset/Anim/Comp/Lite/FX/etc)
    • Review all incoming notes for department relevance and distribute as needed
    • Track/manage notes, receivables, artist tasks and assignments
    • Walk the floor, gather artist needs, follow up on action items
    • Manage render farm priorities
    • Evaluate incoming media and discuss /qualify with supervisors
    • Take notes at internal and client meetings
    • Set up Cinesync sessions
    • Relocate if necessary

You Have

    • Minimum of one year's experience in a VFX production coordination role. Two-three years preferred.
    • Extensive knowledge of CG pipeline, particularly lighting passes, fur, and FX simulations
    • A strong work ethic
    • A meticulous attention to detail
    • Solid time-management skills and ability to multitask
    • Exceptional organisational and communication skills
    • A positive attitude and effective interpersonal skills: authoritative but approachable
    • Ability to be proactive with communication priorities from available information
    • Ability to take direction positively, work well within a team and thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines

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