Computational Scientist

Redwood City, CA /
Engineering – Solver Engineering /
/ Hybrid
We’re looking for a Computational Scientist/Engineer who wants to build the features and services that fuel Luminary Cloud’s revolutionary analysis and design platform. The expertise sought spans a wide range of topics covering Computational methods: finite volume methods for compressible and incompressible flows and methods for modeling turbulence (RANS/DES/LES/WMLES), Multi-physics flows (e.g. Fluid-thermal analyses), reacting and multi-phase flows.

As a Computational Scientist you will help build features and services from the ground up for our rapidly-growing, early-stage company.  This will involve the development of advanced methods for numerical simulation, data science, visual analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC). We are looking for both early career and experienced computational scientists with relevant expertise.

We’re looking for a Computational Scientist who is:

    • Excited to dive in on Day 1 to understand our current technical challenges and to identify potential solutions
    • Deeply interested in software development while keeping physical background in mind  -  Basic coursework in data structures, algorithms, and programming, HPC, as well as outside-the-classroom experience in helping develop software products in both industry and research contexts
    • Passionate about physical simulation  - Interested in applying your skills to hard problems that involve the simulation of physical phenomena 
    • Eager to learn - Comfortable pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, facing new challenges, and tackling them with the help / mentorship of our staff

Skills and experience we would like to see:

    • Familiarity with finite volume CFD algorithms and experience developing code using these algorithms.
    • Experience with one or more of the following areas in CFD: Numerical methods for compressible and incompressible flows, Linear and non-linear solvers, turbulence modeling (RANS/DES/DDES/WMLES/LES etc), moving body simulations, scalar transport and reacting flow simulations, multi-physics simulations involving fluids-thermal and/or fluid-structural coupling, multi-phase flow simulations (liquid breakup and droplet transport/combustion modeling, Cavitation modeling)
    • Proficiency in C++ programing.
    • Familiarity with software development practices for scientific applications - Git, coding standards, unit tests, code verification.
    • Experience with programming scientific applications for GPUs or OpenMP programming is desired, but not required.
Luminary Cloud is a well-funded Series A startup that is building the world’s best cloud-based physics simulation solution to empower mechanical engineers to rapidly iterate and test their products. Our mission is to democratize and modernize high-performance computing for commercial engineering & science, i.e. automotive, aerospace, consumer products, food & beverage, etc., a $20+ billion technology market which has barely entered the cloud era.  Our SaaS product enables realistic & interactive engineering simulations, focused on automated product design exploration & optimization.  We have a unique opportunity to fundamentally improve how physical products are designed, new ideas are tested, and new discoveries are made.