Experienced Geometry / Meshing Engineer

Redwood City, CA
Engineering – Solver Engineering /
Full-time /
Luminary cloud is looking for a talented and motivated software development engineer for geometry import and parameterization, surface and volume meshing, and adaptive mesh refinement. You will be working with a team of outstanding computer scientists, computational scientists, and geometry/mesh generation experts to develop state-of-the-art automated mesh generation techniques for arbitrarily-complex geometry.

Required attributes

    • Technical expertise in areas related to CAD and non-CAD geometry formats, CAD import / conversion, parametric CAD modeling and CAD geometry cleanup and preparation for simulation meshing
    • Technical expertise in areas related surface and volume meshing, adaptive mesh refinement. Arbitrary polyhedral meshing knowledge a plus, but not required
    • Exposure to GPU computing for discrete algorithms involved in mesh generation and adaptation
    • Innovate thinker, interested in the future of automated meshing with no user interaction to enable more complex computational workflows
    • Significant experience developing solutions using the C++ language
    • Familiar with modern software development practices

Types of Projects you will work on

    • Develop software to import, modify, repair CAD geometries to create water-tight mesh-generation suitable geometries
    • Develop software to perform surface and volume mesh generation on these geometries
    • Develop software to refine mesh to adapt to solution features and improve output metrics.
    • Parallelize mesh generation and CAD repair algorithms to improve performance and robustness.
$160,000 - $250,000 a year
Commensurate with Qualifications and experience. Salaries listed are for CA location.
Luminary Cloud is a well-funded Series A startup that is building the world’s best cloud-based physics simulation solution to empower engineers to rapidly iterate and test their products. Our mission is to democratize and modernize high-performance computing for commercial engineering & science, i.e. automotive, aerospace, consumer products, food & beverage, etc., a $20+ billion technology market.

This is a great opportunity for a developer interested in engineering applications development to get into an early-stage company and play a key role in developing features for the general availability version of our product that will launch next year.