Senior Backend Engineer Generalist

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About Lustre

Lustre is a product search engine that organizes the world's shopping knowledge. Our technology automates the intensive research process required to make smart purchasing decisions in today’s overwhelming shopping experience. We recently raised our series A from Insight & Index Ventures and have an ambitious vision to rewire commerce to empower consumers and direct the world’s purchasing intent.

Our backend technology stack consists of:

- Scala + Python + Typescript
- Kubernetes + Spark
- SQL + BigQuery

We’re looking for senior backend generalist engineers capable of owning entire sub-systems. We prefer language-agnostic devs capable of both learning new technologies where needed as well as pragmatically executing on existing infrastructure. There’s a huge amount of technology powering Lustre; automated web scraping, real time pricing, knowledge graph generation, product ranking neural nets as well as core storage/serving infrastructure. 

Must have requirements

    • Comfortable with common functional practices such as "functional core, imperative shell", "immutable by default", and "make illegal states unrepresentable"
    • 6+ years of software development experience outside of education and internships.
    • Experience with deploying projects in a Unix environment
    • Experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
    • Effective interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills with great problem solving abilities
    • Strong user data privacy values

Nice to haves

    • Experience developing non-trivial programs in a functional language with Type Variables (Generics) and Algebraic Data Types, such as Scala or Haskell.
    • Experience with data processing frameworks (Spark, Airflow) & building data-pipelines. 
    • Experience with streaming frameworks (Kafka, Samza, Flink)
    • Experience designing and implementing backend servers and APIs.