Data Engineer

San Francisco
Data Science

You are an experienced, Python-savvy, Data Engineer with a fastidious penchant for structure, generalization, and consistency.  You have experience implementing data manipulation systems at scale. You focus on optimizing flows for both efficiency and maintainability and you are well-versed in Data Architecture best practices.

We have multiple data sources that yearn to be ETL-ed into a corpus of intuitive, useful data sets to be explored by Business Analysts, or to be used in training Machine Learning models. You will own all of that raw data acquisition and its processing before its consumption by analysts and ML systems.

If this sounds like you, we would love for you to come to our HQ for a few interviews with our engineers and analysts. If everything goes well, you left-outer-join the team and we make lots of data sets together.

About Data Science at Luxe:

    • At Luxe, members of the Data Science group collaboratively design algorithms to permit the business to scale efficiently. Examples of problems that we are tackling are:
    • ETAs
    • Dispatch
    • Pricing
    • Valet staffing
    • Customer retention

Each project requires some amount of:

    • performing ad hoc analyses to see where opportunities lie
    • standardizing definitions of metrics we want to affect
    • writing portable Python modules that access and transform our data into these metrics, so that anybody at any time can access these metrics programmatically
    • devising and implementing scalable algorithms or models that govern real-time decision making
    • composing APIs so that the Engineering department can make use of our algorithms’ decisions
    • running experiments to tune the parameters of each algorithm or model, in order to move our standardized metrics.
    • Whatever niche role you get hired into at first, there is a good chance that you’ll be trying on different hats over time, depending on our needs and your desires.

Luxe is a fast growing startup that aims to change the way the world thinks about parking, by providing valet parking on-demand. Customers already use our product every day on their mobile phones to get valet parking and additional services (think gas fill-up, car washes, and more) whenever they want it, wherever they want it. With our recent $50M in funding, we are considered one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley, but we’re more focused on our mission of bringing our services to the world, one car at a time. We are looking for people with integrity, character, intelligence and desire to help build out an amazing team and product in the San Francisco area. You will be in a unique situation where you can truly get in at the ground floor of a fast growing startup while having the security of knowing we are well-funded with support to execute fast.